Trimming Vs Shaving Your Facial Hair (Differences, Pros, Cons!)

If your beard is looking overgrown or scraggly, then it may be time to clean it up. A couple of ways to get your beard looking neat and fresh for the day are trimming or shaving it. Which is better?

Depending on the state of your beard, you may choose to maintain it by either trimming it into shape or shaving it off. A basic trim can help make an unruly beard look well-kept and professional with very little work. Shaving off your beard entirely will leave you with a smooth, clean look, but you may not recognize the face in the mirror!

Keep reading to learn the key differences between shaving and trimming your beard, and the pros and cons of each.

What’s the difference between shaving and trimming your facial hair?

If you’re looking to cut your beard down, then you’re going to want to know the difference between shaving or trimming your face and which method is best for you. 

Shaving involves completely removing the facial and getting a smooth, clean-shave look. Trimming is for styling or cutting the beard down to a certain length that you would like to keep it at. 

If you don’t want to completely remove the facial hair and leave some stubble leftover, go ahead with a trim. If you want a smooth face completely free from hair, you’ll want to do a clean shave. 

Is trimming facial hair better for your skin?

When you have a long beard, debris and other bacteria can easily rest inside it leading to acne or other bumps. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean your beard with a gentle facial cleanser and exfoliator to rid of debris. If you would rather not clean your beard as much, then you may want to consider regularly trimming it. 

Regularly trimming your hair will help to rid of dead skin cells, excess hair, debris, and oil. This will help your skin look more youthful and radiant. Your beard and face will also require less maintenance if you have problematic skin. 

Regularly trimming your facial hair can give a boost to your skin, but if you haven’t trimmed it in a while, make sure to give it a good clean and rinse to get rid of any excess debris. 

Does trimming a beard help it grow?

A great way to speed up your beard growth is to trim it occasionally. This helps the beard look neater and cleaner. It also helps it look healthier and fuller.

The best way to trim your hair to speed up growth is to use a pair of high-quality beard trimming scissors to cut away split ends. You can also use a beard trimmer to finely cut the ends of the facial hair. 

Trimming beard hairs may be a better option for you if you’re not a fan of shaving. You can still maintain a neat and clean beard by using a small pair of high-quality scissors or using a beard trimmer with a longer guard.

Does trimming facial hair make it grow quicker?

The time that it takes for your beard to grow mostly depends on your genetics and hormones.

Trimming your beard regularly with a high-quality pair of scissors or a beard trimmer with a longer guard to cut away split ends may also help your beard to grow quicker. 

Even if your facial hair grows slowly, keeping your beard trimmed will give the effect of making it look more full even if it’s not actually longer.

How long should you let a beard grow before you start trimming?

Before you start trimming your beard with an electric trimmer, you should allow the beard to come in nicely and start to take shape on your face.

You should wait at least four weeks to see how your beard will take shape. If you trim it too soon it could become lopsided. 

If it starts to look too scraggly during this period, then you can use a pair of scissors to cut off some loose ends. Be careful with this as you want to maintain the natural shape of your beard as much as possible during the four-week period. 

When should you trim or shave a beard neckline?

You should regularly trim your beard neckline to maintain a neat appearance.

You should trim your neckline about once a week or a couple of times a month.

A good rule of thumb is when the facial hair on the neckline has grown to about 3 mm in length, that is a good time to cut it. 

What should you use to trim a beard?

Start with using a good beard trimmer such as this one.

If your facial hair is quite long and hasn’t been trimmed in a while, start by using the longest guard possible and work your way down. A trimmer is great for a quick cut or a fine cut around the neckline.

Another tool you can use is a pair of high-quality beard trimming scissors like these. This helps to cut pesky hairs that are sticking out and maintain a neat and refined appearance of the beard.