Does a Beard Look Good on Short Guys? (With Practical Styling Tips!)

You’ve heard the terms short, squat, and vertically challenged – no matter how you say it, the truth is some of us didn’t inherit tall genes. If you’re destined for a life of below-average height, should you grow a beard?

Beards can look good on short guys. Choosing the correct beard length and style for your height can balance your overall proportions. On the other hand, choosing an unflattering style can call unwanted attention to body challenges. This is true for men of any height or shape.

Read on to learn how to slay a beard despite your height!

Reasons why beards are great/not so great for short guys

The average height for a male in the United States is 5 feet, 8 inches. If you measure under this mark, you are considered short.

While there’s not much you can do to add actual inches to your stature, there is a way to work with what your mama gave you and enhance your overall look.

Beards are great for short guys because they raise confidence and increase perceptions of maturity and physical strength.

Let’s take a look and see how a beard can make you seem big even if you’re not tall.

  • Raised confidence
  • Increased perception of maturity
  • Increased perception of strength

Raised confidence

Studies show that growing a beard raises the wearer’s confidence.

Being shorter than coworkers and peers can threaten your self-esteem. Growing a beard is a quick booster plus women report confidence is attractive.

Increased perception of maturity

One of the top complaints among vertically-challenged men is the perception that they are younger than they are.

Growing a beard can add up to 8 years to your perceived age adding a look of maturity.

Younger men are often thought of as inexperienced and naive so cultivating a beard can help you look wise and knowing.

Increased perception of strength

Another complaint among the shorter set is the perception that they are weaker than their taller counterparts.

Facial hair is an accessory that projects manliness, virility, and strength.

Grow and beard and project that lumberjack vibe if you’re not as tall as an oak.

Do beards suit everyone?

Certain ethnicities embrace beards more than others do, but facial hair permeates most of the population. 

Beards suit almost everyone as long as hair texture, facial structure, and growth patterns are considered. Height alone is not a reason to avoid a beard. Even when obstacles arise, creative strategies can still make a beard suit your countenance.

When deciding whether or not to grow a beard, you should consider your:

  • Hair texture
  • Facial structure
  • Growth patterns

Let’s take a look and figure out exactly the ideal hair situation for the best beard.

Hair texture

Beard hair is known for being rough and coarse due to the shape of facial hair follicles. Ethnicity can also affect a beard’s texture.

Generally, Asian men grow thinner, finer beards than Caucasians or Middle Easterners. You can help fill out a thin beard by using strategic trimming techniques.

This article on thin and wispy beards will give you some ideas.

Facial structure

Weak chins to chiseled jawlines; faces come with all sorts of imperfections and attributes.

Beards can either camouflage or accentuate, depending on the style you choose.

Doing a little homework based on your facial structure can assure you choose the best beard for your circumstances. 

Growth patterns

Since genetics play a large part in facial hair growth, some men struggle to grow a beard while others have no issues.

Uneven growth patterns and patchiness can dash beard dreams. There are some steps you can take to remedy or work with less-than-stellar growth or you may decide to ditch the beard altogether.

Check out this article to have all of your beard patchiness questions answered.

Do short guys look better with or without a beard?

For every person that says short guys look good with a beard, you’ll hear another say the opposite. Remember, there are also people out there that don’t like coffee or beer. You can’t please everybody all of the time.

Short guys often look better with a beard as long as it is well-maintained and flatters their facial shape. This same rule of thumb applies to average and tall guys too. Whether you choose to grow a beard or remain clean-shaven, you can look good regardless of your height.

Deciding to grow a beard is a personal decision. How does it make you feel? If it makes you feel better then it’s the right choice for you. If your goal is to attract ladies, many find facial hair attractive.

Tips for short guys that want to grow a beard

Short guys should follow a few rules to ensure their beards make them look good and not like David the Gnome.

If you are short and want to grow a beard, you should:

  • Consider facial shape
  • Break up the eye
  • Maintain shape & style

Let’s dive into these tips.

Consider facial shape

Men of every height should consider their facial shape before growing a beard.

Facial hair can either complement your shape or call attention to it. If you are short and your face is round, steer clear of beard styles that add fullness to your cheeks. Instead, opt for styles that accentuate your chin and lower jawline.

This article gives great advice concerning facial hair and facial shape. 

Break up the eye

If you consider yourself in the short category, you don’t have to settle for a short beard.

Adding some length to your beard is fine just make sure the length doesn’t obscure your neck and shoulders. There needs to be a visual break for the eye to elongate your form as much as possible.

Otherwise, you run the risk of sending off major Cousin Itt vibes.

Maintain shape & style

The best way to sharpen up your entire look is to keep your beard neat and well-maintained.

A trimmed, healthy-looking beard communicates care and confidence.

Tangles, leftover food, and split ends stand out and make onlookers take notice of what else is off-kilter.

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