Can A Beard Hide a Double Chin, Weak Chin, or Turkey Neck (Style Tips)

The right clothes and accessories can hide a multitude of imperfections. The same goes for facial hair. Not happy with your double chin, weak jawline, or turkey neck? The right beard style can camouflage your trouble spots and give you a shot of confidence.

A beard can hide a double chin, weak chin, or turkey neck when styled correctly. Choosing the correct beard shape, length, and style can camouflage problem areas while accentuating positive features.

Read on if you want to learn how to transform your face with different beard styles!

How to hide a turkey neck with a beard

Turkey neck

Turkey necks might be considered a southern delicacy, but if you come face-to-face with one in the mirror every morning, they quickly lose their appeal.

Many things go south as we age, and our necks are no exception. Once taut and firm, the gravity of aging causes the neck muscles to lose elasticity and begin to sag. This can result in a wrinkly appearance resembling a turkey neck.

The good news for men is that a well-shaped and styled beard can hide an unwanted turkey neck. You can hide a turkey neck with a beard by choosing the correct shape, length, and style. 

The key to hiding a turkey neck with a beard is letting the beard grow long enough to cover the problem area.

Beard shape

Since a turkey neck can involve the entire real estate of your neck, vertical hair growth is essential. Your goal is to provide a curtain of hair for your neck to hide behind.

You could choose a full beard or a long goatee to call attention away from your neck. Adding a mustache can add interest to other parts of your face. 

Beard length

For your beard to cover up the wrinkling and sagging of a turkey neck, you need substantial length. Facial hair grows roughly ½ inch per month. It will take a few months to grow to the point where it covers the area.

Style tips

Keeping your facial hair in good condition will ease growing pains, especially during the grow-out phase. The right tools, products, and a hefty dose of patience will get you to the finish line.

  • Use a boar or badger brush to train hair to grow downward
  • Apply beard oil to soften hair and ease itchiness
  • Resist early trimming even if some areas are thicker than others
  • Trim and determine the ideal style for your face shape once you’ve hit your target

How to hide a double chin with a beard

The term “the more, the merrier” applies to many things, but chins aren’t one of them. Double chins are common and can be a result of weight gain or simply a matter of genetics.

A double chin results from an extra layer of fat located under the neck. Factors like weight gain and poor diet can play a part, but sometimes a double chin is hereditary. Exercises targeting the area, losing weight, and even plastic surgery can help diminish the appearance, but these can take a while to implement.

Luckily, facial hair can be used strategically to cover up this problem area. The correct shape, length, and style are the key components to hiding a double chin. 

To hide a double chin with a beard, letting the beard grow long enough to cover the problem area is vital. 

Beard shape

Hiding a double chin requires keeping that area covered by hair. You can do this by growing out your beard, or you can keep a shorter beard as long as the hair isn’t sparse or patchy in the fatty area.

If you have a plump face, keeping the front longer and the sides shorter will draw the eye down instead of out.

Beard length

Covering up a double chin is similar to covering a turkey neck. Your beard hair needs to grow long enough to cover the offending area. Since most extra fat is located right under your chin, you can opt for a shorter style.

Style tips

Once you grow out your beard length, it’s time to add some style to your look.

  • Let the hair grow lower on your neck to cover the chin fat
  • Keep the cheek area hair-free if you carry extra weight on the face
  • Keep the neck area trimmed well to avoid an unkempt look

How to hide a weak chin with a beard

We’ve all applauded the attractiveness of a strong jawline and chiseled chin. Some men are naturally blessed in this department (think Brad Pitt or Henry Cavill), while others look like their chin needs to lift a few sets.

A weak chin is often genetic. This term means your chin or jawline is not well-defined. The chin area may look like it is receding instead of standing out from the face. The only way to permanently fix this issue is to make a structural change through implants.

However, you can hide a weak chin with a beard by choosing the correct beard shape, length, and style. Create the illusion of a full chin by growing hair out in front while keeping the sides short. Using sharp lines and angles along the jawline will give this area more definition.

In short, beards are a less extreme fix and work wonders to balance your facial features.

Beard shape

For a weak chin, the goal is to add the illusion of protrusion. The best way to do this is to add volume to the chin area with hair. A long goatee is a perfect choice since you want fullness and length in the front. Adding a chin strap along the jawline will define this area even more.

Beard length

Growth is the name of the game when adding definition to your chin line. Let your beard grow naturally without trimming for a month or two to see what you have to work with. Once you have a hairy canvas, you can start the trim process to sharpen and streamline your look.

Style tips

Creating the look of a chiseled jawline and strong chin does require some specific trimming and grooming techniques.

  • Create sharp lines and angles for definition
  • Brush downward and out in the chin area
  • Keep sides short so the eye is drawn down in the front
  • Use beard styling products to mold and hold your look

Fun fact: Several theories try to explain why humans have chins. One says they are evolutionary. The large, powerful jaws of prehistoric man weren’t needed once the human diet replaced raw foods with cooked foods. As a result, jaws shrank, and chins grew. Another theory says they served as masculine features meant to attract the opposite sex.

What length of beard is most attractive?

Beard length is a matter of preference unless you’re trying to minimize or maximize certain areas of your face or neck. Then, the correct beard length becomes a necessity.

A beard length that is long enough to cover trouble spots is the most attractive when hiding a turkey neck, double chin, or weak chin. Two to three inches of growth will typically cover most imperfections.

Heavy stubble is often rated high on the beard attractiveness meter. Unfortunately, this beard style isn’t going to give you the optimum length to cover neck issues or sculpt a non-existent chin. 

Does a beard hide a fat face?

Faces come in all shapes and sizes. Men have a unique opportunity to alter their face shape with facial hair.

When trimmed properly, a beard can help slim a fat face. Removing volume from the cheek area while drawing attention to a tapered chin can make a face appear slimmer.

A full beard trimmed to a triangular shape is very slimming. Make sure to keep your jawline trimmed to avoid extra volume on the wide part of your face.

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