Scruffy Beard Style – How To Grow It, Trim It, and Make It Look Good!

The word “scruffy” might conjure up memories of your childhood pooch or images of a fugitive on the run. But did you know that a scruffy beard is one of today’s hottest facial accessories? 

A scruffy beard is a beard style characterized by short, unkempt facial hair. This style is often referred to as stubble, however, longer beard styles can appear scruffy when left untamed. Scruffiness appears once the hair begins to grow and can continue until it reaches the 2-inch mark.

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What is a scruffy beard?

The Oxford American dictionary defines the word “scruffy” as “shabby, untidy or dirty” or “having short, bristly hairs as a result of not shaving for a while.”

A scruffy beard occurs naturally when the face is left unshaven for a day or more. This beard style comes in degrees of light, medium, heavy, and long scruff. Hair length is less important than haphazard style when defining a scruffy beard.

Different people will give you different answers when it comes to defining a scruffy beard. Razor giant Gillette leans to a stubble definition while Philips expands the view to anything less than a full beard.

The true test of scruffiness is a purposeful unkempt look. Untidy enough to elicit thoughts of rugged manliness without crossing the homeless-look border. Stubble styles already meet this test because they boast razor abandonment. Short beard styles can meet the test too when they have a slightly unruly look.

Celebrities with scruffy beards

You don’t have to look far to find well-known sports stars or celebrities rocking the scruffy beard.

Celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, George Clooney, and Matthew McConaughey have popularized scruffy beards of all lengths. 

Why does your beard look scruffy?

Sometimes scruffiness can go hand in hand with laziness. There’s a difference between a purposeful scruffy beard style and just plain neglect.

A beard looks scruffy when you haven’t shaved for a few days and short bristly hairs emerge. As facial hair grows to a short beard length, scruffiness takes on a more tousled appearance that looks natural and effortless.

Fun fact: The word “scruffy” is derived from the Old English word “scruf.” Its original meaning concerned the skin’s appearance “scaly or flaky matter forming on the surface of the skin.” Mark Twain generalized the term “scruffy” and used it to refer to someone “rough and dirty.”

How to grow out a beard without it looking scruffy

Scruffiness is a state of mind that might not appeal to you. A polished style may be your goal. Can you grow out a beard without it looking scruffy? Not really, but scruffiness can be short-lived.

It’s impossible to grow out a beard without it looking scruffy initially because the early stages of beard growth are scruffy in nature. However, scruffiness can be minimized by taking good care of the skin and brushing facial hair regularly. Once length is added, trim often since longer hair can grow unevenly.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you will have a few days or weeks of scruffy growth. Don’t fret though, many women hold this look in high esteem. A good moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and reduce flakiness and itch. Beard oil will add shine, and regular brushing will train hair to grow in the proper direction.

Attention to these details will accentuate your rugged masculinity and play down any ruffian tendencies.

How to get a scruffy beard to look good

An attractive scruffy beard does take a little maintenance from time to time, especially if you are going to wear it in the workplace.

To get a scruffy beard to look good you must still use grooming products and follow good hygiene measures. Cleaning up stray hairs on the neck and cheek area will help you avoid an overly messy look.

Keeping your scruff groomed and clean will keep you from looking scruffy.

While a scruffy beard look falls low on the maintenance spectrum, it does require attention. Make sure it’s free of dirt and food. Healthy skin leads to healthy hair follicles so don’t skimp on facial skincare.

Best face shape for a scruffy beard

What face shape can rock a scruffy beard? Oval, round, square, triangle, and round faces look best with this type of facial hair!

Universally, an oval face shape is the best face shape because it can support almost any beard style. The scruffy beard looks awesome on oval-faced fellas, but equally as good on other face shapes.

The best face shapes for a scruffy beard are oval, square, triangle, and round. Oval-shaped faces can successfully carry off both stubble and short beard scruff. Square faces benefit from the jawline softening that a scruffy beard creates. Triangle and round faces look good with a scruffy beard as long as the cheek area is mostly hair free.

Make a scruffy beard work for your face shape by playing down any problem areas and accentuating your face’s positives. Soften hard angles, minimize wide or round cheeks, or round out a sharp chin. Don’t know your face shape?

Read this post to learn more!

Dos and don’ts of a scruffy beard

A scruffy beard looks effortless, but there are a few rules to keep in mind.

To maintain the look of a scruffy beard, keep skin and hair healthy by moisturizing, brushing, and applying beard oil. Aim for a natural look instead of sharp angles and lines when trimming. 

Try to maintain your scruff? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Do use grooming products
  • Do brush often
  • Do keep it natural
  • Don’t ditch hygiene and maintenance
  • Don’t shape with hard lines

How to grow a scruffy beard

Growing a scruffy beard is easy and achievable for most men.

To grow a scruffy beard, be patient, keep facial skin and hair healthy, and decide on your desired length.

The time it takes to achieve the perfect scruffy beard depends on your desired hair length and growth rate. By 5 o’clock, you may have a shadow scruff. Within a month, expect ½ inch of growth.

  • Be patient
  • Keep skin and hair healthy
  • Decide on the desired length

How to trim a scruffy beard

A scruffy beard could become your best friend if your grooming time is limited.

Trimming a scruffy beard is simple. You only need a good beard trimmer. The frequency of trimming will depend on your length goals. Expect to trim stubble scruff every two to three days and longer styles less often. Don’t forget to remove stray hairs, but keep the look natural.

Facial hair follicles are often irregularly shaped, and hair growth comes in stages. These factors can lead to wild growth patterns and uneven length. Trimming can keep your rugged beard from looking ragged.

When it’s time to trim your scruff, you should:

  • Use a beard trimmer
  • Aim to even out the length
  • Clean up any stray neck and cheek hairs
  • Avoid sharp lines

How to shape or sculpt a scruffy beard

Scruffy beards should match your personality and lifestyle.

A scruffy beard can be shaped and sculpted in several ways. The key to a true scruff is for it to look natural. A scruffy style should blend well with your sideburns but shouldn’t look precision trimmed. Your face shape should determine the shape of your scruff. Using beard styling products will help sculpt longer locks into a disheveled style.

To shape or sculpt your scruffy beard, you should:

  • Blend with sideburns
  • Work with your face shape
  • Keep it natural
  • Use products to create a rough style

How to maintain a scruffy beard

Keeping our possessions in top-performing order requires maintenance. A scruffy beard is no exception.

To maintain a scruffy beard, wash it with a gentle cleanser, brush or comb it to distribute natural oils, apply beard oil for shine, and trim it occasionally to avoid tangles and unevenness.

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