Can A Beard Trimmer Be Used for Head or Body Hair?

Beard trimmers are better than regular clippers when trying to create clean beard lines or trim scraggly ends, but can they be used for head or body hair as well?

You can use a beard trimmer to cut any type of hair, no matter where on your body it is. However, they are sharper than other clippers and if you don’t use a guard, they can cut or irritate delicate skin. Depending on your routine, your beard trimmer may also transfer bacteria from your body to your face if not properly cleaned.

Keep reading to find out more about beard trimmers and why you can – but maybe shouldn’t – use them on other parts of your body.

Difference between facial hair, head hair, and body hair

Head hair tends to grow longer than body and beard hair, but why?

Head hair tends to grow longer and more slowly than body hair because of your genetics. Of course, head hair isn’t always long, but given the opportunity, it will grow longer than body hair.

Hair is closely connected to the skin underneath it. For this reason, your beard hair is closer to body hair than the hair you grow on your head.

Like most men, your beard hair likely began to grow around the same time your body hair sprouted. Unlike head hair, beard and body hair grow from something called androgenic hair follicles. These androgenic follicles activate in the presence of testosterone, meaning they start growing hair around puberty.

This is why beard hair and body hair are wiry and thicker than your head hair. At the skin level, the follicles are growing the same hair.

What is the difference between a beard trimmer and a body trimmer?

While beard and body hair grow the same, the best trimmers are built with the job in mind. 

Body trimmers tend to fit larger in the hand and are better with bulk. For those shower shavers, some body trimmers are even waterproof.

Beard groomers are smaller so they can better sculpt exact lines on the smaller surface area of your face. Those looking for a beard trimmer should be sure to buy one with different guards to achieve the right length for their facial hair.

Which is better for head and body hair: body groomer or beard trimmer?

For a safe and comfortable shave, you should use a body groomer for your body or a beard groomer for your face. But not everyone has the time or money to gather multiple trimmers.

Body groomers will be best equipped to handle the amount of hair on the head and body. Beard trimmers – especially professional-grade trimmers – can be sharp and can lead to uncomfortable cuts on delicate skin. 

Research what you’re buying to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Can I use the same trimmer for the face and body?

You can do whatever you want with your body, hair, and trimmer. But if you’re going to let your trimmer dine up and downtown, please think about your body hygiene.

A successful beard is closely linked to the health and cleanliness of the skin beneath it. If you’ll be using your beard trimmer on your body, make sure you wash it before using it on your face again to avoid transferring bacteria.

So in a pinch, go for it. But just do us a favor and clean your blades between body and face cleaning.

Can I trim my leg hair with a beard trimmer?

Many men are looking for a hairless (and aerodynamic) look on their legs, and beard trimmers can help you there.

If shaving hairy legs with your beard trimmer, start with a guard to avoid clogging your trimmer blades.

After the first shave is done, your beard trimmer will fly through regular upkeep because of the shorter hair.

Can we use a beard trimmer for private parts?

A beard trimmer is just one way to shave your privates but don’t be the guy with cuts or scars down south.

When trimming your privates with a beard trimmer, always use a guard! Thoroughly shower and clean yourself before trimming to ensure your blade doesn’t bring anything with it up north.

This feels obvious to us, but genital hygiene is essential. Just do it.

How to cut head and body hair with a beard trimmer

Trimmer guards are the only way you’ll get a great cut on your head and body hair with a beard trimmer.

Beard trimmers are built for expert molding and crafting hair close to the head. Anything with a longer length and you’ll be better off using scissors, someone with a steady hand, or going to a professional hair stylist.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you maximize your beard trimmer purchase:

  • Keep your blades clean
  • Use the right guard
  • Keep your hair clean

Let’s take a look at each of these to see how they’ll help your trimmer multitask.

Keep your blades clean

Between the blade, motor, and housing, there are a few steps to trimmer maintenance.

Look at your trimmer and see if you can adjust the blade to get into any nook that may be hiding hair. Sometimes this may require a screwdriver, but it will always require a cleaning brush that likely came with your trimmers

After cleaning out the hair, applying blade oil can help strengthen the blade and keep it in working order for a long time.

Use the right guard

Beard trimmers — like any good tool — require some experience before you know exactly what you’re doing. 

If you’re new to your trimmer, try out the different attachments for different lengths. This is the best way to ensure you know what the different length means for your face, head, and body.

The rule to live by is that trimmers only cut and can’t put hair back.

Before you know it, you’ll have fun imagining the different things you can do with your beard trimmer.

Keep your hair clean

Keeping your hair clean is one of the best things you can do for both yourself and your trimmer.

Keeping your scalp, chin, and body clean and learning to care for your hair will greatly impact your look and quality of life. Beard oil is one of the best things you can do to improve your beard health.

When done correctly, your beard, body, and head will thank you with a healthy batch of hair.

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