Is A Beard Intimidating? (Reasons Why You Look Intimidating With a Beard)

When you think of tough guys, most people envision a man with serious facial hair who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. It isn’t just your imagination. Believe it or not, there is a reason why you, and your beard, are intimidating.

Facial hair deeply affects what you consider aggressive or intimidating. Many feel that a laugh, a scowl, or a frown may seem more nefarious when they appear on a bearded mug. Clean-shaven men, no matter how devious they are, don’t give off the same sinister, aggressive energy.

If you’re wondering if your beard is intimidating and aggressive, read on to see if it’s your type of beard, your personality, your confidence level, or all the above that makes people think twice about getting on your bad side.

Why a beard may look intimidating

There are a variety of factors to take into consideration as to why your beard is intimidating. Beards intensify the ability to display facial expressions like anger and aggression.  

Sporting facial hair gives you a sense of confidence since many see the ability to grow facial hair as a sign of masculinity. In fact, almost 24% of men asked revealed not being able to grow a beard made them feel less masculine. For centuries men have proudly worn their beards to intimidate those that may be thinking of challenging them.  

A luscious beard symbolizes virility as it frames the jawline, making it seem larger, stronger, and majestic. A man’s beard is like the mane of a lion. A thick beard on a strong jawline symbolizes strength and dominance. Men like to see themselves with beards, but not other men, because having a beard means being “tough.”   

Beards can be intimidating to children as “strength” is not something kids find appealing. 

Unless a child lives at home with a bearded parent, their dislike of beards continues until puberty takes over. Kids will pick someone with a beard to help in a challenging situation or one that may require an act of bravery, but they want to be around clean-shaven men for everyday activities.  

A beard makes any guise more significant. When you look at photos of bearded men smiling, laughing, frowning, sneering, etc., every facial expression takes on a different meaning. Men with beards just look mad

Facial hair and beards spotlight and frame emotions in a way a clean-shaven face can’t. For centuries, beards have been the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. With their beards, philosophers like Socrates and Plato were of the highest social status.

Beard styles that might make you look aggressive

man with an "aggressive" beard style

Let’s face it. Your beard is an extension of you, and the style you choose determines how aggressive or intimidating you seem. So, if menacing is your mission, these styles are a good choice.  

These beard styles are aggressive and take center stage:

  • Viking
  • Stubble (Heavy and Uneven)
  • Circle
  • Full, short
  • Patchy

Being able to grow a thick, full beard is an ideal way to show the world what you are made of and what kind of person you are. Viking, stubble, circle, patchy, and full, short beards make you stand out in a crowd and make those who can’t grow a beard feel like a kid who hasn’t reached puberty.


  • A full, lush beard that covers the chin and cheeks and comes with a full mustache
  • Tells the world (specifically other men) you are the manliest of men

Stubble (Heavy and Uneven)

  • Heavy stubble tells the outside world you’re rugged and tough, but inside you feel inadequate, and the stubble gives you courage.
  • Uneven stubble shows people you are trying hard to be a grownup, but you’re not quite there yet.


  • A chin patch that joins with a mustache to form a circle
  • You’re tough but still enjoy quiet evenings at home and love animals

Full, short

  • Covers the chin and cheeks and connects with a mustache
  • Not as long as a Viking beard
  • The beard of choice for laid-back, cool souls and those not quite ready to go full Viking


  • Hair grows in patches, and the thickest area is on the chin
  • This basically tells everyone you are trying to grow a beard but aren’t willing to dedicate time to nurturing it

Does a beard affect personality?

Absolutely. Not only does it tell the world who you are, but those that can grow facial hair also have more confidence. 

In fact, about 75% of American men have more confidence when they have a beard. It shows anyone that is suffering from follicle challenges that you are a tough, hair-growing machine.

A beard gives confidence, and several studies have found that men with beards are more confident and look more masculine and dominant. It doesn’t hurt that beards make a man seem older, wiser, and more knowledgeable.

Does a beard make you more aggressive?

Sporting a beard does not genetically make you more aggressive. However, possessing a beard does affect the way people view you. 

In simple terms, being able to grow a beard symbolizes having large amounts of testosterone in the body. It will make many people think you are aggressive when you frown or are displeased, but it puts people at ease when you smile.

People see men with beards as go-getters, confident, and able to get things done. Yes, the world sees you that way. 

However, that isn’t always a good thing. 

Not all situations need an aggressive, dominant man. In work settings, your beard may intimidate you right out of a job or the opportunity to work on a team because you appear aggressive and dominant. Men with clean-cut faces often receive positive results when applying for jobs. A fresh shave will give you a youthful appearance and put an interviewer at ease.

Do beards give you confidence?

The simple answer is, yes. The confidence a beard gives a man can be traced back centuries to ancient tribes. A beard was “the” symbol of masculinity and honor.

Only dignified and honorable men had luscious beards framing their strong jawlines. Your beard represents your honesty and integrity. Prehistoric men were punished by having their beards cut off if they were found not worthy of keeping them due to their actions.

A beard gives a man confidence to feel superior over the men that can’t grow a beard.

Does a beard make you feel tougher?

A beard can make you feel tougher, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are tough. Your beard can’t and won’t protect you in a fistfight, despite what your ancestors thought. It doesn’t give you extra protection if you are hit, nor does it cushion any blows.

It doesn’t matter if you have a beard to make yourself look older, smarter, tougher, or more masculine. Your beard will do for you exactly what you want it to do. If it makes you feel tough, that’s great. If not, that’s great too.

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