Are Safety Razors Making a Comeback? (Real Lifestyle Trends in 2021)

The double-edged safety razor came to popularity in the early 1900s. Today, there is a rising number of men and women who are discovering the benefits of wet shaving.

Safety razors are back. Men and women alike are choosing steel safety razors over plastic cartridges and disposable razors because of a variety of personal and environmental reasons. Safety razors tend to be more hygienic and are better for your skin and give you more control over your shave. They are less expensive overall and create less waste.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of shaving with double-edged safety razors, and how to make wet shaving part of your grooming routine.

Are safety razors coming back in 2021?

Experts expect the demand for safety razors is to continue through 2028.

The safety razor’s steady climb in popularity is due to modern brands introducing safety razors to previously untapped markets, as well as to the desire for men and women to maintain impressive appearances for public and social media.

Google Trends data for safety razors (January 2004-September 2021)

As people continue to become increasingly aware of their appearance, hairline and beard-styling are emerging as vital aspects of the grooming routine for men and women alike.

More men than ever are turning to salons and spas for their beauty & wellness treatments, which often include wet shaves with razors.

Trendy, modern brands are bringing wet shaving to audiences who are not typically targeted in wet shaving brand marketing efforts.

Oui Shave is an example of a safety razor brand marketing to women. A growing number of women are using safety razors, rather than plastic cartridges, for their beauty needs.

Bevel is a safety razor brand that successfully markets to African-American men.

A growing urban population and heightened consumer awareness of personal hygiene also deserve credit for the steady uptick in searches and demand for safety razors.

Safety razors can be found online, in supermarkets, big-box retailers, and small specialty stores. As such, they are readily available to interested consumers in ways they haven’t been in years.

If you’ve been thinking of switching to safety razors from cartridges or electric shavers, then now is a perfect time. Join the century-long tradition of shaving with a tool that’s as simple and effective as it was over 100 years ago.

Reasons to consider switching to a safety razor in 2021

Men have been shaving since prehistoric times. Cavemen would use shells, rocks, and other sharp tools to trim their manes.

Fast forward to 1903 when King Gillette invented the double-edge safety razor and brought it into popularity for the first time. Since then, the tool has been a favorite for men seeking the satisfaction that comes with their use.

Safety razors are returning to popularity because they are:

  • Better for your skin
  • More adaptable
  • Made to last
  • Better for the environment
  • Less expensive
  • More fun

Better for your skin

A safety razor can give you the closest and smoothest shave possible without irritating your skin.

There’s only one blade touching your skin at any given time when you use a safety razor. This ensures that your trim is even with the skin and not cutting below it, as happens with multiple-blade cartridges.

Safety razors exfoliate your skin and decrease the chances of acne caused by dead skin clogging the pores.

Also, safety razors are cleaner than cartridges as there are no nooks and crannies for bacteria to setting into before coming back in contact with your face.

Gives you more control

Shaving with a safety razor gives you more control over your shave.

Adjustable blades allow you to get closer and more consistent with your shave. Skin is not perfectly smooth, it has little dips and imperfections that multi-blade cartridges dig into ruthlessly.

When you use a safety razor, each pass has only one blade going across your skin. With each pass of a multi-blade cartridge, you’re scratching across your skin three to five times for just one pass.

Due to the weight of safety razors, you can just hold the end tip and let it slide down your face without applying pressure. The razor will be sharp enough to do the work for you.

Superior craftsmanship

Safety razors are made simply and built to last.

Most safety razors are made of stainless steel and tungsten-carbon compounds, ensuring that they last for years.

This fine craftsmanship birthed traditions of men passing their safety razors down to their sons. You know it’s a high-quality good if it will outlast you.

Better for the environment

Safety razors are better for the environment, and they produce less waste than plastic cartridges.

The EPA estimates that 2 billion disposable razor cartridges are dumped into landfills annually. Stainless steel razors, on the other hand, are non-disposable.

Instead, responsible men and women can place their used razor blades in a taped-up box and take them to their local metal recycler.

The double-edge system itself is built to last for decades. Therefore, the only potential waste that comes from using safety razors is the used blades, which should be recycled.

Less expensive

Over the long run, safety razors are less expensive than cartridges or electric shavers.

A basic safety razor will run you anywhere from $25-50. After that, all you have to pay for are the blades themselves which are about a quarter each for a nice quality option.

Electric shavers consume electricity and can burn out on you – and that’s after costing you anywhere from 50 to 100 bucks.

Replacement cartridges for standard razors have to be purchased often, and that cost adds up quickly. A pack of just eight cartridges can cost well over $20 depending on the brand.

More fun

Safety razors are simply more fun to use. When I started shaving with my Merkur safety razor, I knew I’d embarked on something great.

With cartridges, the act of shaving can be mindless. You slap some canned foam on your face and scrape it away (along with some of your healthy skin) with whichever replaceable head is next up in your pack.

When you shave with a safety razor, you’re forced to be intentional with each move.

There’s a craft to using a safety razor. It’s a skill that can be mastered over time. There’s a slight learning curve, but it’s worth the practice.

Safety razors help keep you focused and present during your grooming ritual, turning shaving into an act of mindfulness practice.

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