Electric Razor Smells Bad? (Getting Rid of Musty, Moldy, Body Odors)

If you’ve noticed your razor doesn’t smell quite right, then it may be ready for a clean.

Electric razors will get dirty and start to smell bad if regular cleaning maintenance is not done. A dirty electric razor may smell bad because of mold growing in the razor, dead skin collecting in the razor, and body odors it may have picked up. The electric razor should be cleaned after each use, especially if you use it often.

Keep reading for a complete exploration of the potential smells (and what causes them) your electric razor may collect and how to clean it, plus how to prevent that smell from coming back. 

Why does your electric razor smell bad?

If you have used your razor a lot recently or it has been sitting around for a while after not being cleaned, you may smell a moldy, musty, or body odor smell. This is often caused by excess water sitting alone with organic matter. If you keep your razor in the bathroom, then it is easier for the moldy or musty smell to develop. 

Here are some reasons why your electric razor may smell bad:

  • Mold – If you store your razor in a humid environment with little to no light – such as inside the shower – it’s likely your razor is growing mold below the surface. 
  • Oils and dead skin cells – Dead cells from your hair and skin collects on the razor while shaving. 
  • Body odor – Simillar to dead skin cells, body odor collects on the razor while shaving especially if the area you’re shaving has not been cleaned or exfoliated. 

These three reasons are likely why your razor is smelling bad. The best way to prevent these bad smells is to regularly clean your razor after use, so let’s get into how to do that properly. 

How to get the smell out of an electric razor

There are different methods for cleaning out your electric razor depending on if it’s a wet or dry razor.

Either way, before cleaning, always make sure you turn off the razor and unplug it. A wet razor can be cleaned using hot water and white vinegar, but you may need a razor solution for a dry razor.

I’ve outlined the cleaning process for electric razors below, but you should consult your manufacturer’s instructions if possible.

Wet electric razors

For cleaning a wet electric razor, you will need hot water, white vinegar, and a clean dry towel.

This is the process for cleaning a wet electric razor: 

  1. After unplugging and turning off your razor, disassemble it completely by removing the razor head, blade, and cutter. 
  2. Turn on the faucet and adjust it to the hottest setting. Run each component under the hot water, but do not submerge them. 
  3. Spray or lightly dab a towel with some white vinegar on it onto the razor components. This will help kill and mold spores and neutralize the odors. 
  4. Run the components under the water again, and gently dab dry some of the moisture with a clean towel.
  5. Let the components air dry completely before reassembling. 

Dry electric razors

For cleaning a dry electric razor you will need hot water, and possibly a razor cleaning solution if it still smells. 

This is the process for cleaning a dry electric razor: 

  1. After turning off the razor and unplugging it, remove the razor head from the base to access the screen and blade. Be sure not to touch the screen as it may be delicate and could break. 
  2. Turn the faucet on the hottest setting, remove the blade, and wash it under the hot water
  3. If the razor still has a bad smell after running it under hot water, it is best to use a razor cleaning solution. This helps prevent damage and gets rid of stubborn buildup. 
  4. Lightly dab some of the moisture off the components with your clean towel and let them dry completely before reassembly. 

How to sanitize an electric razor

Now that your electric razor is cleansed, it’s time to disinfect it. There are two options for disinfectants – you can either use a spray specifically for electric razors, or you can use isopropyl alcohol. 

The process of sanitization for dry and wet electric razors is the same. Here are the steps to disinfecting your electric razor:

  1. Apply the disinfecting liquid on all components of the electric razor. To do this, spray all parts with your electric razor disinfectant. If you’re using isopropyl alcohol, then use a small cotton ball or clean cloth. Lightly dampen it and dip it into the alcohol. 
  2. Once you have the disinfectant applied to your cloth, carefully wipe every part of the shaver with which you applied the disinfectant. 
  3. Reassemble your electric razor and run it for a few seconds to make sure the disinfecting liquid is circulated properly through the blades and shaving head. (Note that alcohol evaporates within seconds, so don’t worry about excess disinfecting liquid inside the razor. Although, you should make sure to wipe off any excess water from cleaning.)
  4. Lubricate your electric razor after washing and disinfecting as the oil will get washed away during the process. Apply a couple drops of oil to the blades. Either use the lubrication oil that came with your shaver, or you can buy a general electric shaver lubricant

How to prevent your electric razor from smelling bad again

Doing regular maintenance on your razor will help you get an amazing shave every time. It will also help prolong the life of the razor for as long as possible. 

Here are the best ways to prevent a smelly electric razor:

  • Break down and briefly clean the electric razor after each use
  • Store it in a dry place
  • Disinfect it regularly 
  • Lubricate the blades

Break down and briefly clean the electric after each use

Cleaning your electric razor after each use will help prevent buildup.

After shaving, disassemble your razor and clean out the excess hair and debris.

Wash out the blades and use a small, clean, dry towel to get rid of excess hair. 

Store it in a dry place

The best way to prevent mold growth or other bacteria sitting on your electric razor is to store it in a place that does not regularly have moisture, like the shower.

Store your somewhere in an open, dry place such as on your bathroom counter.

Disinfect it regularly

You can spray the blades with disinfectant or use isopropyl alcohol after you’ve cleaned out excess debris and hair.

This is great to do after each use as it will help rid the components of smelly bacteria. 

Lubricate the blades regularly

After you’ve cleaned or disinfected the electric razor, it’s important to lubricate the blades again as some of the oil will be removed.

Apply a couple of drops to the blades after they’ve been cleaned and rid of debris. 

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