What is a Natural Beard (Everything You Want to Know!)

“Natural” is a buzzword in today’s society. We buy products with natural ingredients over chemicals. We prefer to do what feels natural instead of forced. When it comes to men’s grooming is there such a thing as a natural beard? Yes!

A natural beard is a low-maintenance beard style that follows your natural facial hair growth patterns. Natural beards can be long or short and in various stages of unkemptness. While the key to a natural beard is not shaping and styling it as you might a more groomed look, you should apply beard oil regularly and trim split ends as necessary.

To learn the natural beard basics, read on!

What is a natural beard?

The natural beard style is for you if you don’t want to spend copious time trimming and styling a beard.

In simple terms, a natural beard style means letting your beard grow as it is naturally inclined to do. Natural beards are often long because the hair grows easily and quickly. Natural beards can also be short as long as they aren’t styled and shaped.

The natural beard style is characterized by a lack of intense grooming and styling.

Ask two people to describe a natural beard, and you’re likely to get two very different answers.

The first may call it a “6-month beard.” This term is sometimes used interchangeably with “natural beard” among bloggers and forum participants. Allowing six months’ growth without inference yields a beard around 3 inches in length. 

Another person might describe a natural beard as any length without being overly styled and trimmed. This could encompass beard styles from stubble to long.

Whichever description you choose, the common denominator is low maintenance.

Celebrities with natural beards

Thinking of jumping on the natural beard bandwagon? You have some famous company.

Celebrities, musicians, and sports figures like Tom Hanks, Chris Stapleton, and Ryan Fitzpatrick have sported natural beards for roles or in everyday life.

Fun fact: Tom Hanks’ beard in Castaway was completely real – and completely natural. In fact, he took a 12-month break from filming to grow the beard and lose the 50 pounds necessary to show his island transformation. 

Why does your beard look natural?

No two snowflakes are alike. The same holds true for the sides of your beard. No one has perfectly symmetrical beard growth. The beauty of a natural beard is letting your beard grow without trying to change the look.

Your beard looks natural when it is allowed to grow without regular trimming, shaping, and styling. The natural beard style is a rugged look. It embraces your hair texture, color, and growth patterns.

Got wild hairs? Let them party. Got some gray? Flaunt it. Is one side curly? Leave it alone. All of these idiosyncrasies contribute to a natural beard.

How to grow out a beard without it looking natural

There are some situations where a natural beard might not be feasible. Many employers have strict grooming codes where regular trimming and styling are necessary if you want to keep facial hair. Is it possible to grow a beard without going through a “natural” stage? While you can’t avoid it entirely, you can reduce scraggliness.

Wondering if a beard can be professional? Check out this article for the answer!

You can grow out a beard without it looking natural by keeping hair healthy and nourished and making regular trimming a priority. As stubble begins to grow, your beard will go through a scruffy, natural period for a few weeks.

Facial hair can be unpredictable when left to its own devices. Irregularly-shaped hair follicles make hair grow at weird angles. Genetics can make a beard multi-colored with wild curls. To avoid these natural occurrences, you must spend time and effort grooming, styling, and shaping.

How to get a natural beard to look good

Growing a natural beard doesn’t mean you get to abandon hygiene and grooming.

A natural beard will look good as long as you keep both your facial skin and hair clean, hydrated, and nourished. 

To keep your natural beard looking good, keep it clean and moisture regularly.

The longer a natural beard becomes, the harder it will be to keep it free of food, drinks, and dirt. Be sure to clean your beard every day to avoid embarrassing, smelly situations.

You also want the hair you grow to look and feel healthy. Keep your skin and beard moisturized to reduce flakiness and avoid parched strands.

Best face shape for a natural beard

Not everyone can pull off a natural beard style due to the width and length.

The best face shape for a natural beard style is an oval-shaped face. Oval faces can handle width in the cheek area and length on the chin. A natural beard style can put too much bushiness along the cheekbones making round, triangular, and square faces appear even wider.

Really want a natural beard, but not sure you have the face to pull it off? Go ahead and give it a whirl. If you don’t like the look, simply trim it off and choose another face-flattering style. Check out this article if you need some inspiration.

Dos and don’ts of a natural beard

A natural beard is easy to maintain, but you can’t grow it and totally forget about it. A few rules will allow you to put your best face forward at all times.

Dos of the natural beard style:

Don’ts of the natural beard style:

  • Over-trim
  • Shape and style

How to grow a natural beard

If patience isn’t your greatest virtue, the most difficult part of growing a natural beard will be leaving it alone. 

To grow a natural beard be patient and trim sparingly. Let your hair follicles do the work. Once medium stubble begins, brush often to distribute natural oils.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about doing a lot of work once the beard is grown!

How to trim a natural beard

Stop! Don’t throw out your trimmer if opting for a natural beard. You’ll still have to make a few adjustments now and then.

The only trimming necessary for a natural beard is the trimming of split ends. You can also clean up stray cheek or neck hairs that pop up out of the bearded area. 

While you don't need to groom your natural beard style regularly, you will need to trim split ends and keep it clean.

Most men that leap into natural bearddom let the beard grow until it stops. Length for many maxes out at the 3-foot mark due to genetics. At this point, the hairs reach their terminal length before falling out. If you’re one of the few men lucky enough to outpace this length, you can always trim some off if it bothers you.

How to shape or sculpt a natural beard

If you’re the type of man who cringes when beard hair is out of place, you’re not the target market for a natural beard style. Natural beards thrive in untamed environments.

A natural beard doesn’t require shaping and sculpting. The less you do to it, the better. Asymmetry and randomness are responsible for the style.

Gone are the days of making sure every hair is in its rightful place. You won’t be coercing a shape or style with clippers and a mega-hold wax. Instead, you’ll be basking in the simplicity of your unique growth patterns.

How to maintain a natural beard

The natural beard is a minimalist’s dream.

Maintaining a natural beard is easy. Clean the beard every day, brush periodically, apply oil or balm for shine and moisture, and clip any damaged hair.

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