Hollywoodian Beard Style – A Bona Fide Original (How To Grow & Trim)

If you’re looking for a beard style that will set you apart from your bearded brethren, look no further than the classic look made popular by actors in the Golden Era. Bet you’re scratching your head? Think Perry Mason and his Hollywoodian beard.

A Hollywoodian beard is similar to a full beard, except there are no sideburns and the cheek and jaw region resemble a chinstrap. This style may also be referred to as a “tailback” beard. It was the preferred style of many classic Hollywood actors (including Raymond Burr of Perry Mason fame) and has seen a resurgence in recent years.

Read on to learn more about this beard style and see if it is something you should add to your repertoire.

What is a Hollywoodian beard?

There’s just something about a guy with a neatly manicured beard that makes him stand out in a crowd. It remains popular because, well, it looks damn good. The full mustache. The sexy chinstrap. Just plain classy.

The Hollywoodian beard is for anyone who wants to look classy and mysterious, just like past and present actors. Sure, it’s vintage, but you can never go wrong with the tried and true. It’s less intimidating than a full beard since your cheeks are clean, giving you a serious, but stylish appearance.

Give it a try, we’re pretty sure the ladies will love the new, debonair look. It’s the look of a man that doesn’t feel the need to mask his facial features. Still not sure? You’ll have plenty of time to think about it because you’ll need about 1 to 2 inches of facial hair to achieve the Hollywoodian beard.

That means you’ll have to let your facial hair grow for about 2 to 4 months to achieve the facial hair length you need to shape your Hollywood beard into a masterpiece. 

Brace yourself for a couple of months of an itchy face. Growing a beard isn’t for punks. 

Even though this style was made famous by actors from another time, it never gets old and you can tailor it to suit your own needs.

Celebrities with Hollywoodian beards

Let’s take a look at some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks and how they’re sporting their Hollywoodian beards. Who knows? You may get some inspiration.

Raymond Burr

Actor Raymond Burr, best known for his eponymous role in Perry Mason, was clean-shaven throughout the original 1957 to 1966 run.

However, when the show returned after a 20-year hiatus, Burr and his iconic lawyer character were wearing the Hollywoodian beard.

Check out this video of Burr promoting the Perry Mason tv special on Letterman in 1985.

Take a look for yourself. The suit. The voice. The beard. Perfection.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has tried out a variety of beard styles over the years.

His take on a Hollywoodian beard was on full display in Django Unchained.

GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio (and his Hollywood beard) in Django Unchained.

If you’re on the internet at all, you’ve definitely seen this shot of DiCaprio with his expressive cheeks on display thanks to the cut of his beard.

Viggo Mortensen

While the character couldn’t have been less “Hollywood”, actor Viggo Mortensen wore a Hollywoodian beard in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Aragon was rugged, noble, and selflessly brave and women absolutely swooned over him as unbathed Strider, the battle-weary soldier, and the High King of Gondor.

Viggo Mortensen demonstrates the versatility of the style.

Throughout the films, he can be seen rocking both long and short versions of the Hollywoodian beard.

Hollywoodian beard vs stubble beards

While the stubble look and the Hollywoodian beard have a bit in common, some standout differences are worth taking note of.

The Hollywoodian beard is a full – albeit relatively short – beard that has been carefully trimmed to expose the cheeks and sideburn areas. A stubble beard, however, is quite short and requires less overall maintenance.

So what we’re saying is simply let that sucker grow. No fuss. No muss. You’ve got to love that!

A stubble beard is just about three days’ worth (about 1 to 3 mm) of facial hair growth. You can trim and shape it to make it your own. 

A Hollywoodian beard is going to require you to put in some serious work. You will have to keep your cheeks and sideburns clean, so you’ll have to shave them every few days.

You will also have to keep the beard no more than 2 inches long. If you don’t stay on top of it, it can quickly become an unkempt mess.

If you’re lazy or looking for a low-maintenance look, the Hollywoodian beard style is not for you.

How to get a Hollywoodian beard to look good

The key to making a Hollywoodian beard look classy is regular maintenance. A badly executed Hollywoodian style runs the risk of looking patchy and generally unkempt.

The best way to get a Hollywoodian beard to look good is to keep it trimmed. Make sure your cheeks and sideburns are clean so you can remain sharp. 

You will also need to perform a skincare ritual which will require you to wash, exfoliate, and moisturize your beard. You should be good to go if you do this while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime. 

Treat yourself and your skin and facial hair kindly.

Best face shape for a Hollywoodian beard

If you’ve got an oval or square shape, this is your jam! Don’t worry if you have a heart-shaped or triangular-shaped face, you can rock this look too. 

The more angular your face shape, the better suited it will be to the Hollywoodian beard. The shaved cheeks and sideburns of the style will give your face a fuller appearance.

This is not an ideal look for anyone with a round face. You may be able to grow the chin portion out longer and shape it differently to distract from this.

Do’s and don’ts of a Hollywoodian beard

Whatever style you decide on, you will always have to take care of it.

Do’s of the Hollywoodian beard style:

  • Take the time to clean and groom your beard
  • Keep your beard to a manageable length (1-2 inches)
  • Brush and comb your beard regularly
  • Apply beard oil for moisture

Don’ts of the Hollywoodian beard style:

  • Use hair care products on your facial hair
  • Pick your ingrown hairs
  • Rub or pull on beard hairs

How to grow a Hollywoodian beard

Growing and maintaining a Hollywoodian beard is no easy feat. You should take your time and think carefully before taking on this endeavor. 

Your first step should be to let your facial hair grow to about two inches long to have a good base to work with. Once it fills in, you can shave your cheeks and sideburns and shape the chin area. 

Just remember, you will have to keep up with the maintenance or it will be a mess.

How to trim a Hollywoodian beard

Unlike many beards that only require you to shape them and trim up your neck occasionally, the Hollywoodian style requires regular cheek-based razor work.

Once you let your facial hair grow out a few inches, you can shave your cheeks and sideburns and then shape the chin area. If you aren’t handy with clippers, you may want to visit your barber for a trim and shape session to get started.

It will be much easier for you to maintain it if you let someone else do the heavy lifting. 

How to maintain a Hollywoodian beard

Honestly, the hardest part of the Hollywoodian beard style is going to be maintenance.

The key to maintaining a Hollywoodian beard is to stay on top of it and keep up with grooming and overall care. You will need to keep your cheeks shaved clean, so you’ll have to shave every couple of days to ensure your beard looks good. 

To maintain a Hollywoodian beard, you should::

  • Keep your face shape in mind – if the look doesn’t work for you, don’t put all your time into it.
  • Invest in a good set of clippers and a razor.
  • Define that neckline!
  • Give your mustache some serious swag so you’ll stand out. 
  • Stay on top of your skincare routine. 

A Hollywoodian beard is an elegant and classy look if you want to take your beard up a notch. 






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