Mustache Doesn’t Connect in the Middle? (Look At 8 Celebs Rocking It!)

If you’ve noticed that there’s a more prominent gap in your mustache, then you may be wondering why it happens or if there are ways to cover it up. A gap in the middle of your mustache is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, but are there ways to minimize its appearance?

Many men’s mustaches feature a gap directly under the nose due to the size of the philtrum, commonly called the Cupid’s bow, as mustache hair is less likely to grow in that area. Some men may have more or less prominent gaps in their mustache depending on their genetics. To reduce the prominence of the gap, grow out the hairs – or just embrace it!

Having a mustache gap can be quite stylish if you pull it off correctly and take the right steps towards making it look good. In this article, we will go over what causes the gap and tips for covering it up. We will also look at styles that work best for famous people who are rocking it!

What causes the gap in the middle of a mustache?

There isn’t any research that suggests the Cupid’s bow has any function that contributes to health or well-being. There are theories that suggest it gives the upper lip space to move and express which increases the range of non-verbal communication.

Most people have a Cupid’s bow, although it may be more or less pronounced. This gap is genetic and may look more prominent or exaggerated, which will show in how your mustache looks as well. There may be a smaller or larger gap between the mustache depending upon how prominent the Cupid’s bow is. 

A mustache gap may also be caused by trimming your mustache too frequently.

What if you have a huge mustache gap?

If you have a huge gap in your mustache, then you may need to allow time for it to grow properly. If you only grow your mustache out for 4-5 days, then you may not be allowing adequate time for it to cover up naturally. 

Age also matters in this situation. Your facial hair doesn’t stop growing until about 30 years of age. You may need to age more and allow time for it to cover up more. 

Can minoxidil fix a mustache gap?

Minoxidil is a great solution for filling in hair in bald areas. When it comes to your mustache, it may be a little different. If you decide to use minoxidil on your mustache hair, it’s important that you proceed with caution.

Minoxidil may help fill a mustache gap, but there isn’t much research on it. You will need to decide for yourself if the treatment is worth it.

Overall, there is very little evidence that minoxidil actually works for beard growth. Evidence that does exist presents some information that may help with hair growth in the area. The study results showed that 3-percent minoxidil lotion performed slightly better than placebo. 

How to fix or hide a mustache gap

If you are self-conscious about your mustache gap, there are certain things that can be done to minimize or improve its appearance.

To hide the mustache gap:

  • Encourage mustache thickness
  • Comb your mustache straight down
  • Use a wax, pomade, or balm to style it
  • Grow a beard without a mustache
  • Don’t hide it – rock it!

Encourage mustache thickness

A simple way to start encouraging mustache thickness is to not trim your beard at all to bring it to a strong base.

You can also try using beard oil that is suitable for your skin. This will help encourage the healthy growth of facial hair and possibly make it thicker. 

Comb your mustache straight down

Combing or brushing your mustache straight down every day is also a simple way of encouraging mustache thickness.

It helps the hair pattern grow properly by getting rid of weird bends or curves that will happen naturally without daily combing or brushing. 

Use a wax, pomade, or balm to style it

If you want to grow a true long mustache, then getting some mustache wax, pomade, or balm is a great tool to start with.

Pairing these with a new foundation of daily combing or brushing will help train your mustache to grow thicker and look healthier. 

Grow a beard without a mustache

If you want the beard without the trouble of the mustache, then you can just shave it off.

I would try looking at some celebrities and such to find some styles that look good to you. You can use these styles as inspiration to figure out a look that you’re happy with. 

Don’t hide it – rock it!

Having a gap in your mustache is nothing to be ashamed of and can actually be quite stylish. A lot of men wish they had more of Cupid’s bow!

The important thing is to let it grow out naturally for as long as possible without trimming it or doing anything other than maybe using a pair of beard scissors to clip scraggly hairs.

This allows ample time for you to see what it truly looks like when grown out. 

Mustache gap styles

There are some amazing beard styles of people who have mustache gaps no matter how prominent it is. In this section, we will look at some celebrities and famous people who are rocking the mustache gap!

Jason Lee

This style is perhaps one of the most prominent of them all, and he pulls it off very well. He has a thick and healthy mustache and rocks the gap!

Liam Hemsworth

This style may be closer to what you’re experiencing if you like to keep your beard short. He has a noticeable gap, but it still works great with his face shape and jawline. 

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt can never look bad, and this style of mustache is no exception. It is a bit smaller than others and less prominent, but it’s still noticeable. This is one of my favorite styles for mustache gaps. 

Post Malone

Post Malone’s mustache looks great, and he’s rocking a classic style of mustache with a gap. 

Ryan Gosling

This style has a noticeable gap in the middle. He really let his mustache grow out as much as it could to get the gap covered up naturally. 

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman already has quite robust facial features, but he also has a large Cupid’s Bow. He has possibly the largest gap on this list, and his mustache is looking fantastic. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo almost has a bald spot between his mustache, but he still looks amazing. I think the gap really adds to how good the beard looks here, and it wouldn’t be the same without it. 

James Franco

James Franco has a more natural look to his mustache. I think he decided to just own the gap, and it came out looking very good. 

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