How To Kiss with a Mustache and Beard Without Getting Burned!

Cupid launched his arrow, and it struck gold! There’s only one problem – you’ve developed quite the love affair with your facial hair but wonder if it’s going to get in the way of affection. Will your newfound love like it, or will she complain about ‘stache rash? Is there a way to keep both of you happy and burn-free?

Mustache and beard hair can cause discomfort or even skin irritation while kissing. However, careful grooming, cleaning, and regular maintenance can make it a much more enjoyable experience for both parties. If beard burn is still an issue for her, try a cooling aloe vera facemask after a heavy make-out session – it’s self-care for both of you!

If you want to learn how to kiss with a mustache and beard without getting burned, read on.

Is it difficult to kiss with a mustache?

Facial hair has a long history of representing masculinity and virility. So it’s a little ironic that a mustache and beard can be an obstacle to lip action.

Kissing with a mustache can cause some discomfort and skin irritation due to friction. Some people may even develop pimples. However, with some preparation, both the kisser and kissee can reduce or even eliminate unpleasant skin issues.

Beards and mustaches are preferred by many members of the opposite sex. There’s even a dating site dedicated to whisker matchups. Bristler, a.k.a Tinder for beards, is a dating site where those with facial hair are paired up with those who want to stroke it. I’m sure they would agree that kissing with a mo’ isn’t a difficult feat.

For those not used to canoodling with someone sporting facial hair, there can be an adjustment period. Thankfully, there are some steps to ensure a make-out sesh is pleasing for both parties. If your significant other finds the hair too much of an obstacle, be encouraged that there are other fish in the sea that swim towards bristles.

How to kiss with a mustache and beard.
Kissing a man with facial hair doesn’t have to end in pain!

What is beard or mustache burn while kissing?

Have you ever experienced carpet burn or road rash? If so, you know how painful a friction injury can be. If you or your significant other has short, wiry stubble, the same type of result can occur.

Beard or mustache burn while kissing is similar to a painful carpet burn. The friction of whiskers on sensitive skin can cause the recipient’s face to become red, raw, and irritated. Shorter hairs cause more inflammation than longer hairs.

Imagine kissing sandpaper or a Brillo pad. Some girls say this is exactly what it feels like. Ouch! 

Do girls like kissing with a mustache?

The mustache debate is loaded with strong opinions on both sides. Some girls love a guy with some hair on the upper lip, while others think the ‘stache gives off creepy vibes. So, what is it like to kiss a guy with a mustache?

Some girls are attracted to men with mustaches. They enjoy the “tickle” a little lip hair adds to a kiss. Other girls prefer clean-shaven men. 

The good news is that mustaches have come back into style thanks to many celebrities embracing the hairy lip trend. If you live in Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, or Washington, chances are the women will be more open to your mustache as they are more popular in these places than beards.

Message board respondents are split on the issue. One ‘stache lover said, “Kissing a man without a mustache is like drinking a margarita without salt.” Others in agreement said they were a “major turn-on as long as they are well-maintained.” 

Mustache haters complained about a “mouth full of hair” and said, “The stubble hurts.” 

Can kissing a guy with a beard give you pimples?

You finally find the guy of your dreams, but there’s only one problem. The day after a date, your otherwise clear skin is riddled with pimples. Are you allergic to your soulmate?

Beard or mustache burn while kissing can progress into acne mechanica, a form of acne that occurs due to friction, pressure, stretching, rubbing, or squeezing of the skin. This condition can produce pimples or painful nodules. Oily mustache grooming products can also exacerbate acne and cause breakouts by clogging pores.

If your guy has short stubble, it’s likely that the friction of rubbing that handsome face across your own is causing an acne flare. Sharp hairs can make small holes in the skin where pore-clogging bacteria can enter. Once the beard hair grows longer, this could eliminate the problem.

If your guy already has more than short stubble, his grooming products may be aggravating your skin. This is the time to get a little nosey and ask to see the ingredient list of his favorite beard oil. Comedogenic ingredients like coconut oil and lanolin might be clogging your pores, especially if you already suffer from oily skin.

Can kissing a guy with a beard cause acne?
Got pimples? His beard may be to blame.

Grooming and cleaning before kissing with a beard or mustache

Make sure you make the next kissing marathon memorable for all of the right reasons, not the wrong ones. No girl is going to think kindly of a man that rubs hummus or the remains of his hot ham & cheese all over her face.

Proper grooming and cleaning of a beard and mustache are necessary to make the kissing experience as pleasant as possible. 

Even women who love a man with facial hair think it’s a turn-off to get a mouth full of hair. Trim up those scraggly, wild hairs so they don’t end up in her mouth. Hairballs are for cats, not girlfriends.

Leftover food, drink, and cigarette smoke lurking in your facial hair is sure to turn even the most iron-clad stomachs. Before you pucker up, make sure your beard and mustache are clean and free of all foreign objects.

How to soften stubble before kissing

Studies show that women find men with light stubble attractive and the preferred mates for both short and long-term relationships. The downside to this stubble fetish is beard burn and skin irritation.

Men can soften stubble before kissing by using grooming products or by letting the hair grow longer.

The hairs that make up that popular ten-day stubble look are short and coarse. When they rub up against a baby-smooth face, they can feel like a thousand tiny swords and leave an aftermath of rash and burn. How can you prevent scratchy beard burn while in the stubble stage? Make the hair as soft as possible by applying a non-comedogenic beard conditioner or beard oil.

If your partner still complains about a fiery face, assure her you will grow out your stubble to make the hair softer. You don’t have to go full-on lumberjack, but a little bit of growth will lessen the sandpaper feel a lot.

How to kiss a guy with a beard and mustache

While this subject might not belong on a movie marquee, it does deserve some attention. As the kissee, there are some things you can do to make lip locks with your man all fun sans burn.

Kissing a guy with a beard and mustache takes a little pre-planning and skill if you want to do it without getting burned. There are steps you can take pre-and post-kiss to save your face.

Here are some tips that will help lessen the burn, girls:

  • Thick is best
  • Ditch the retinoids
  • Wash it off
  • Slather it on
  • Talk about it
  • Do the “Chandler & Phoebe”

Thick is best

If you know you’re going to engage in some lip action, add more layers of moisturizer and makeup.

These extra layers will provide a barrier so those prickly hairs have to work harder to penetrate.

Ditch the retinoids

Retinoids are the latest and greatest skincare invention for wrinkle-free flawless skin, but they can also make your skin extra sensitive.

If you know you’ll be kissing a man with facial hair, leave this step off your regimen.

Wash it off

I know you may be tempted to leave all of your makeup on to look your best post-kiss, but that’s a mistake. The sooner you wash your face and get on with the next tips, the better.

Slather it on

It’s time to add some moisture back to your skin. Don’t be afraid to really slather the cream on to hydrate and provide a barrier in case you decide to engage in round two.

Talk about it

The best thing you can do if your face is feeling ill effects from kissing your man is to communicate. Let him know what is bothering you, and together, you can come up with solutions.

Do the “Chandler & Phoebe”

If all of the above fails, you can always just kiss like Chandler and Phoebe on The One Where Everyone Finds Out” episode of Friends. Remember the awkward, lip-only pucker?

Kiss like Chandler and Phoebe
Not the most romantic, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

How to treat a beard burn from kissing

Many times love wins, and we are left to deal with the consequences. Guys, if your short stubble has caused a beard burn, there are treatments that can alleviate the pain and speed up healing for your kissing mate.

Beard burn can be treated with cooling ingredients like aloe vera, moisturizers, and topical corticosteroids in extreme cases. Avoid products containing alcohol as they will dry out the skin and exacerbate the condition.

How romantic would it be to come prepared with an aloe mask for you and your girl? If you know she’s susceptible to irritation, post-kiss pampering could earn you some brownie points. Keep moisturizing products on hand at your house to ensure she’s always protected.

What is the kissing a man without a mustache quote?

If we can’t imagine our lives void of something we love, we often resort to making comparisons. Kissing a man without a mustache or a beard? The horror! 

Some people can’t fathom kissing a man without a mustache or beard. In fact, this topic has inspired some notable quotes and literary works through the ages.

In the words of French playwright Jean-Paul Sartre, “A kiss without a moustache. They said then. Is like an egg without salt. I will add to it: and it is like Good without Evil.

Price-tag-wearing comedienne Minnie Pearl joked, “Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going on a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little bush to get there.

The mustache inspired an entire literary work by Guy de Maupassant by the same name.

In this book, two women lament over a husband’s clean-shaven face. Jeanne expresses her disgust to Lucy, stating, “A man without a mustache is no longer a man…Never let yourself be kissed by a man without a mustache. Their kisses have no flavor whatsoever. The mustache is the spice.

Summary of “How to kiss with a mustache and beard without getting burned!”

While it is true that facial hair can wreak havoc on the kissee’s face, there are steps you can take to lessen the burn and irritation. Men can make sure their facial hair is in good condition and moisturized. Women can apply moisturizers before kissing and apply cooling ingredients after to prevent or alleviate beard burn.


What is it like to kiss a guy with a mustache?

Kissing a guy with a mustache can either be a tickling, wonderful experience, or a dreaded chore, depending on your preferences.

How do you soften your mustache when kissing?

You can soften your mustache before a kissing session by keeping it hydrated and applying a beard conditioner or oil. Just make sure it doesn’t have pore-clogging ingredients.

Do beards interfere with kissing?

Beards can interfere with kissing if they are short and stubbly. A girl can protect her face before kissing by applying moisturizers and after by using cooling ingredients. Longer beards can be moved out of the way to facilitate kissing.

How do you trim your beard for kissing?

Longer beards are easier on the face when kissing as they tend to be softer. Trim the mustache to just above the lips to avoid stray hair from entering her mouth.

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