Is a Safety Razor Better for Sensitive Skin? (And How To Do It!)

If you are someone with sensitive skin, then you may have had some trouble with getting an amazing shave that leaves your skin feeling fresh, clear, and smooth. Many razors that people typically use can cause irritation easily, but with a safety razor, there is much less irritation because there are not as many blades dragging across your skin.

A safety razor is a fantastic solution for people who have sensitive skin because there is only one blade coming in contact with your skin rather than numerous blades, there is less friction, the blade is easier to control, and shavers can use a variety of different blades to suit their skin type.

There is another factor of a safety razor that can contribute to causing less irritation and that is how mild the blade is. For people who have highly sensitive skin, they will want the mildest razor and blade possible as it is the gentlest and most forgiving type of razor to use.

Are safety razors really better for sensitive skin?

The main reason that a safety razor is better for sensitive skin is that you will only have one blade against your skin at any time. The fewer blades you have dragging across your skin while shaving, the less irritation there will be.

Safety razors are absolutely better for sensitive skin. Since there is only one blade coming in contact with your skin, the razor produces less drag and friction. This allows for a gentler and more forgiving shave on the skin.

If you are someone who struggles with getting a great shave and you end up with irritated skin that does not feel good or look good, then your multi-bladed razor may be the issue. In this section we will go over numerous reasons why using a safety razor is better for sensitive skin.

The main reasons why safety razors are great for sensitive skin are:

  • Less irritation
  • Less ingrown hairs
  • Fewer blades
  • More control over the blade
  • Flexibility in changing blades

Less irritation

When you use a safety razor you are producing less irritation on the skin compared to a multi-bladed razor. For example, if you use a 5-blade cartridge razor and go over a single area of your face 3 times, you then expose that area of your face to 15 passes of a blade. If you are using a safety razor, then you are exposing that area of skin to one blade a pass.

Multi-bladed razors cause much more unnecessary irritation to the skin. The benefit of multi-bladed razors is that they are a quick and easy solution for people who do not have sensitive skin since they are able to cut hair more efficiently. A safety razor may need a few more strokes in an area to have the same effect as one stroke with a multi-bladed razor.

Less ingrown hairs

Safety razors and especially those that are milder are not able to cut hair at a deeper point like more aggressive razors with multiple blades can. Therefore, safety razors are great for people who have trouble with ingrown hairs.

Using a sharp, single-bladed safety razor is a great solution for preventing ingrown hairs. Using inexpensive cartridges or disposable razors that dull quickly puts you at a higher risk of getting ingrown hairs. These kinds of razors usually have 3 or 4 blades, one blade cuts the tip of the hair and makes it sharp, the other following blades can bend the hair back into the skin. Using a sharp, single-blade razor is a perfect solution for this.

Fewer blades

The great thing about safety is in the name — it’s safer to use. Using a safety razor is a great way to prevent cuts, nicks, and razor burn. This is all because there are fewer blades making contact with your skin which means there is less irritation being caused to your skin.

If you are someone who struggles with razor burn or maybe you have shakier hands and tend to cut yourself often, then a safety razor is a great choice because there is less blade against your face to deal with. There is much less drag and friction against your skin overall because of using just one blade which is great for people with sensitive skin.

Better control over the blade

A safety razor with a shorter handle will help give you better control. Shorter handles are usually 3 inches. If you are someone with bigger hands then you may want to try out a 4-inch handle instead.

More control over the razor means better precision and accurate shaving. These aspects of a safety razor will help you to go easier and gentler on the tighter areas of your face that may be more prone to skin irritation such as the area of the neck under your chin.

If you want to take the control, precision, and accuracy of a safety razor to another level, then investing in a durable and adjustable safety razor may be a great choice for you. The adjustability feature allows you to start off the blade close with the easier-to-reach areas then slowly open it up on the harder-to-reach, tighter areas. A mild, adjustable, and sharp safety razor is a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

Flexibility in changing blades

For someone with sensitive skin, using a sharp blade is especially important. A great feature of safety razors is that you can change the blade yourself when it starts getting too dull, which is usually after about five shaves. Safety razor blades are also quite cost effective and will only run you about 25c per blade.

If you are someone with sensitive skin and you feel one side of the blade of a double-edged safety razor is getting too dull, it is a seamless process to flip the razor over and try that side instead. The ability to change the blades when you feel it is not sharp enough is a great feature because it makes getting a great shave with sensitive skin all that much easier.

The best safety razor for sensitive skin

So, you may be wondering what are some of the best safety razors you can get if you have sensitive skin? In this section, I will break down some great recommendations for safety razors if you have sensitive skin and are prone to razor bumps, razor burn, etc.

The best safety razor for sensitive skin should be very mild and light against the skin. If you want to take it a step further, then an adjustable razor is a great choice, but not entirely necessary. The blade that you use should also be as sharp as possible.

Now, let’s get into the recommendations:

Safety Razor for Men by Bevel

This is a great high-quality razor that is a bit more on the expensive side – you can find them for about $50. The great thing about this safety razor is that it is designed for people who have sensitive skin and are more prone to bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. This may especially be an issue for African Americans who have very coarse, curly hair. If you have curly hair, then getting razor bumps after shaving can be a more prominent issue since the hair curls back into the skin much easier.

With this razor you get:

  • A brass handle and a chromium plated blade guard for a luxurious feel and shave
  • The handle is a little less than 4 inches in length which is great for control of the blade
  • The razor is durable and made of high-quality materials, so it should last you quite a long time


  • Designed for people who have sensitive skin with curly, thick, or coarse hair
  • Made with high-quality and durable materials
  • Eco-friendly razor and can be recycled
  • This razor works seamlessly on other parts of the body as well such as legs or underarms.


  • Learning curve
  • Handle is not textured, so grip may become an issue

Something to take into consideration with this blade is that it may not be a great option for beginners, and the reviews state that there is a bit of a learning curve. Bevel has a tutorial to help you through the process and how to use the blade.

Rockwell 6C Safety Razor

This is another high-quality safety razor that is a fantastic option for people with sensitive skin – you can also find this one for about $50 online. One of the great features of this razor is the adjustable design which is ideal for people with sensitive skin since you can easily adjust the razor to get into the tighter areas of your face. It is also designed for people who are prone to skin irritation and in-grown hairs.

With this razor you get:

  • A chromed zinc alloy handle and blade guard
  • White chrome or gunmetal color
  • 3.5-inch handle for better control whether you have bigger or smaller hands


  • Designed for people who have sensitive skin and are prone to irritation and in-grown hairs
  • High quality materials that are durable enough to last you a long time
  • Textured handle and heavyweight design to give you even better control of the razor
  • Adjustability feature which is great for people who have sensitive skin and need to shave tighter areas of the face such as under the chin.


  • Expensive
  • Does not come with accessories such as a travel case or extra blades

This safety razor is great for beginners, but you may need to get used to the adjustability feature if you have not used an adjustable safety razor before. Here is a good tutorial on how to use adjustable safety razors.

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