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How To Store a Safety Razor and Blades (In Between Shaves)

You’ve begun the incredible journey of having the best shave of your life. After a close shave with your gleaming new safety razor, it begs the question, how do I store this thing once I’m done? Surely it can’t be balanced on the edge of your shave soap cup or the lid of your shaving cream can, right? 

The best place to store a safety razor between shaves is a special hanging rack built to keep the razor dry and avoid damaging the blade. It is not necessary to remove the razor blade in between shaves provided that the razor is rinsed and dried thoroughly after shaving.

I could go on about safety razor stands, what types and aesthetics, so if you’d like to know more details about the best method for storing your safety razor carefully, read on.

How to store your safety razor and after shaving

Now that you’ve finished the safest close shave as possible, you need to store it properly.

The most important goals to consider when storing your safety razor are:

  • Making sure it is isn’t a danger to others
  • Ensuring the razor stays dry
  • Protecting the blade from dulling

If your safety razor doesn’t dry properly, for instance, it could rust which allows it to accumulate bacteria and cause infection if you’re not careful.

It’s also important to be sure your razor and blades are out of reach for those that might injure themselves on it, like unsuspecting roommates or children. This goes for blades that are wrapped in paper as well. 

Following these steps will ensure that your safety razor will have the longevity you need and be kept safe. 

Thoroughly rinse your razor after shaving

Using warm water, and soap if necessary, be sure to rinse both the exterior and interior of the head of your safety razor to remove any soap, hair, or other particles once you’re finished shaving. This will guarantee no water is trapped by anything left in the head and prevent rusting. 

For a more detailed article on cleaning your razor, click here.

Pat your razor dry with a towel

It’s wise to leave your razor blade within the safety razor head because loose blades are a hazard, and you want to be sure everything is dry so rust doesn’t accumulate. So carefully pat everything dry with a clean towel to prevent injury. 

A microfiber cloth is your best bet to avoid leaving fuzz behind like a normal cotton towel would. That said, if you have a tight weave cotton towel handy, that is a good substitute. Patting dry instead of wiping dry will also help prevent any streaks or scratches in the head of your safety razor. Scratches can develop rust over time, so it’s good to prevent those as much as possible. 

Place your safety razor somewhere safe

I highly recommend a razor stand to store your safety razor and they’re inexpensive to boot. The material of the razor stand doesn’t matter much, but I prefer treated wood or plastic. Metal racks can have the chance to develop rust as well, and we don’t want that to spread to our safety razor. Some experienced shavers even use something simple like a mason jar or a bowl to hang their razors on.

If you are interested, check out these stand options for something that will work for you.

Lacking a stand, another method would be to wrap your safety razor in a clean dry cloth. Either method will keep the safety razor dry, out of the way so others don’t accidentally injure themselves, and most importantly out of reach for children.

An important thing to note is, the best place for a safety razor is away from water or damp areas. So if possible, storing the razor outside of the shower and even the bathroom will help prevent rusting.

How to store a safety razor in the shower

Some folks prefer to shave while in the shower, and it’s an easier step to simply hang your safety razor on the shower caddy itself, or leave it lying in a soap dish or something similar in the shower. 

Do not leave your safety razor in the shower. Leaving a safety razor in the shower could result in rust and injury if it’s within reach of children or others that might not be expecting a safety razor in the shower. 

If you want your safety razor to last long, hang it on its stand somewhere safe and out of reach.

Remember this maxim after your fantastic shave: Clean, dry, and out of reach. Your future self will love you for it, as will those around you. 

If you want to read more about using your safety razor in the shower I have a resource just for you!

How to store safety razor blades after shaving?

My recommendation is to avoid removing the blade from the razor after shaving, as it can lead to injury with a razor blade floating about. The safest bet is to store the blade within the head hanging on a stand, as we’ve discussed. 

That said, some folks are more comfortable removing the blade from the safety razor head itself. If you decide that’s best for you, here are some tips about storing your safety razor blades safely.

  • After shaving and rinsing your safety razor head with clean warm water, pat dry so it doesn’t slip when opening the head.
  • Open the safety razor head and carefully remove the blade. Do not put rubbing alcohol on the razor blade as it might remove the protective coating and cause it to rust sooner.
  • Once the blade is clean and dry, you can either place it back in the razor wrapper or simply as it is in a small container that has a lid. Then place the container out of the way.

(NOTE: Some folks store their blades outside of the bathroom to prevent premature rusting. Do what’s best for you and your space available.)

Remember, shaving with a safety razor is an experience and not something to be rushed. By making sure you’re storing your safety razor properly, you’re also ensuring you will have that close shave experience again and again with little risk. 

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