How To Blow Your Nose with a Mustache (Without Making a Mess)

Facial hair provides many benefits, but what about the challenges? If you are prone to colds or allergies, blowing your nose with a mustache can seem like a Herculean feat. How do you take care of business without grossing everyone out? 

Blowing your nose with a mustache can be challenging, but it is possible to blow your nose without embarrassment. Fold the tissue in half and place the crease on top of your mustache. Flip it up over your nostrils to protect your mustache and prevent leakage. Keep your mustache neatly trimmed and having a mirror on hand are also good practices.

If you want to learn how to blow your nose without a messy mustache, read on!

6 tips for blowing your nose with a mustache

A runny nose or the urge to blow is part of life. However, add in a hairy upper lip and this simple task gets rather complicated. How do you avoid the social faux pas of snotsicles or stray nuggets?

Blowing your nose with a mustache can be achieved without the mess if you follow these tips:

  • Trim it up
  • Avoid the wax
  • Use proper technique
  • Carry a handkerchief
  • Have a back-up
  • Grab a mirror

Let’s take a look at mustache nose-blowing etiquette:

Trim it up

One of the best – and probably most obvious ways – to prevent a messy mustache is to keep it neat.

The first step to preventing a caked-on snot situation is to keep your mustache neat and trimmed.

Make sure your nostrils and mouth are free of stray hairs. Hairs creeping into the bat cave spell disaster.

Avoid the wax

If your mustache style is normally kept in place with wax, you may want to avoid this styling product while actively snotty.

The act of blowing and wiping your nose will also wipe away the wax.

If you need to do a little clean-up, it will be easier if your hair isn’t coated with the product.

Use proper technique

When you have a mustache, there’s a right and wrong way to blow your nose. The wrong way can end in a mess, however, the right technique can help you avoid a gross-out situation.

Fold the tissue or handkerchief in half and place the crease on top of your mustache. Next, flip it up over your nostrils. This shields and protects your mustache hairs from any leakage. You should also lean your head forward a bit as you sneeze or blow. This slight change in posture and head alignment can prevent a hairy situation.

Want to see the proper nose-blowing technique in action? This guy’s got you covered!

Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered what’s considered a normal amount of sneezing or nose-blowing? Studies show that the average person sneezes or blows their nose less than 4 times a day. Any more than that and you could be suffering from an inflammatory condition called rhinitis.

Carry a handkerchief

Tissues are fine in a pinch, but a handkerchief is preferred. Tissues can leave behind unsightly paper dust and they fall apart easily. If you have a dark mustache, the remains will be super noticeable.

A handkerchief eliminates this issue and also gives you more surface area to blow.

They are also gentler on your delicate skin and can help you avoid the Rudolph look. 

Have a back-up

It’s always a good idea to have a backup contingency plan. In this case, wet wipes should be in your emergency stash.

Wet wipes do a better job cleaning any leftover residue and many contain soothing ingredients like Vitamin E and aloe.

These individually wrapped wipes are easy to carry discreetly in your pocket.

Grab a mirror

A mirror will be your best friend during cold and allergy season.

After a big sneeze, take a quick peek to be assured your ‘stache is ok to face the world.

While you may not mind asking someone if you have spinach in your teeth, asking a stranger if you have boogers in your mustache is a little daunting. Thankfully, your phone’s camera can work as a mirror in a pinch.

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