Is a Shaved Head Unprofessional (4 Tips for a Professional Look)

In the workplace, there are usually certain expectations around what is considered to be an appropriately professional appearance. Dress codes and rules for piercings, tattoos, and unnaturally colored hair are very common for most ‘professional’ jobs. What about a bald head though? Is a shaved head a look that will be frowned upon in the workplace or is it considered acceptable?

When well maintained, a shaved head is a professional workplace look. It has specific aesthetic benefits as well, including accentuating positive facial features and making you appear more confident. To ensure you look appropriately professional, maintain your shave (head and face), keep your skin clear, and dress well to back up your look.

Read on to learn more about how to make your bald head appropriate for work and to learn some of the other benefits it can give you.

Is it unprofessional to have a shaved head?

If you spend time on your hair in order to make it presentable, a completely bald head may seem like a lazier style. I can assure you though, a shaved head is not an unprofessional style and you may still need to spend some time on your head in the morning.

A shaved head rarely gives off the feel of messy or ill-kept making it a great style for a professional work environment. While it will take less time to get ready in the morning, you may still have to have a morning routine for your scalp health.

In general, a shaved head is usually not looked down upon. In the past, people have avoided a shaved head so as to not look like a convict or a ‘skinhead.’ In today’s society, however, there aren’t as many negative stereotypes around having a completely shaved head. 

If you have any worries about being stereotyped, keeping a wardrobe with nicer more professional type clothes will help avoid such an issue.

Will you get hired if you shave your head?

I have not ever heard of someone getting turned down for a job position because they are bald. Slobbishness would be a different story though!

As long as you make sure your other personal grooming habits are in tip shape and you have appropriate manners and attire for an interview you should not be turned down for a position because of a lack of hair on your head.

You should always keep in mind that shaving your head will make other areas of your grooming and style more prominent, so you may need to up your game in other departments.

Is a shaved head a good look?

If you have issues with male pattern balding and you find yourself buying vitamins and products to hide a lack of hair on your head, you will probably find shaving your hair off to not only liberating but that it can actually improve your overall appearance. Oftentimes hiding balding only brings further attention to it, shaving your head gets rid of that entirely.

Shaving the head bald often makes men look 5-10 years younger by giving space for their other attractive features to shine. It can also make a man appear more muscular or athletic because it makes the head look smaller in comparison to the rest of the body.

There are studies into how people perceive those with bald heads and it is very common that people view those with no hair as more dominant, more confident, and more masculine.

Is a shaved head intimidating?

While shaved heads are often associated with a stereotype of bad or aggressive men, the lack of hair is not in itself intimidating.

If someone feels less attractive than you, they will definitely be intimidated by you however this same case would be true if you had a full head of hair. There will always be someone intimidated by you if you always hold yourself in high regard but this won’t be simply because of your lack of hair.

It is very common for people to view those with bald heads as more confident, athletic, and/or masculine. However, if you hold yourself with confidence you may get backlash from people who are jealous. This is a phenomenon that will happen regardless of the amount of hair on your head.

How to make sure your shaved head looks professional

While shaving your head can make getting ready for the day easier, it does not mean you can skimp on your other personal grooming habits. I have a few tips to help keep a professional and well-maintained appearance with a shaved head.

Here are the best ways to make sure your shaved head doesn’t look unprofessional:

  • Keep your head shaved and scalp healthy
  • Maintain a face washing routine
  • Keep facial hair trimmed
  • Have a nice wardrobe to backup your look

Keep reading for a more in-depth look at each of these tips, and how it can contribute to your overall professional appearance.

Keep your head shaved and scalp healthy

You should treat your shaved head the same way you would a hairstyle – it requires regular maintenance and daily care.

Make sure to keep your head completely shaved and don’t allow the stubble to get too long to avoid a scruffy, grown-out look. 

If you have a dry scalp consider getting an exfoliant for use once a week to sluff off the dry skin. Using a moisturizer daily is a must for dry scalp.

Maintain a face washing routine

When you shave your head, it will bring your facial features into the spotlight.

Make sure to at the very least, wash your face once or twice a day to keep it clean.

I personally recommend having a routine to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. This would simply consist of a cleanser, then astringent/toner, followed by a moisturizer. 

Keep any facial hair well-trimmed

Having scruffy or grown-out facial hair, in general, can be viewed as unprofessional in some fields of work.

If you have facial hair, keep it cleaned up and well-trimmed in its proper style. Remember a lack of hair on your head will draw extra attention to your eyebrows, eyes, and facial hair so make sure these stay presentable.

Keeping your facial hair trimmed helps avoid a scruffy appearance. A shaved head is generally more appealing if the rest of your appearance is well maintained.

Have a nice wardrobe to backup your look

If all you have is band t-shirts and cheap jeans, don’t expect to come off as a professional person. Having a wardrobe with nicer clothes will go a long way.

If your work is non-physical, nice clothing will help you gain respect from your peers as it helps to create an overall ‘put-together’ appearance.

While a suit is the best and easiest look, even just a pair of nice slacks with a good collared shirt would be a nice choice for a job that doesn’t require getting dirty. 

If you work in hard labor where you do get dirty or work in a job with a uniform, I would put a heavier emphasis on the above tips to keep a shaved head professional.

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