The Best Scents for Shaving Soaps & Creams? (20 Most Popular Options)

Fellas, it’s time we talk about scents and what you should or shouldn’t be wearing to smell good. Shaving cream or soap should reflect your personality and natural body chemistry.

When it comes to shaving cream and soap scents, natural scents are the way to go. Artificial or lab-created scents contain ingredients that may cause skin irritation. Citrus scents can also be highly irritating, even when they’re natural. If you’re looking for something undeniably manly for your shaving products, start with the scent of leather.

Read on to discover some of the best scents for shaving creams and soaps, how to add your own scent, and the difference between artificial and natural scents.

What are the most popular scents for shaving soap?

All soaps start with oil and fat boiled with alkalis to create a base. Some soaps use artificial scents and some stick with natural scents. You need to pay close attention to the type of fragrance added to your soap.

Artificial or lab-created scents will have ingredients like phthalates, a chemical that dissolves other chemicals and is found in many personal hygiene products. Some types of phthalates have been found to cause damage to reproductive systems.

Natural scents like vanilla, coconut, and pine get their smell from their namesakes and can be light and refreshing. Soaps using citrus ingredients like orange, grapefruit, and lemon smell great, but may be too harsh and create irritation in their natural essence.

best scents for shaving soaps and creams

Remember, the scent is not designed to stay with you all day. Instead, it gives you a pleasant sensory experience while you shave.

Here are twenty of the most popular scents for shaving soaps:


A soft, nutty fragrance. The light scent pairs well with vanilla and coconut. It is refreshing and not overpowering. 

almond scent


A sweet, slightly bitter scent. Just like the fruit, the soft, soothing scent is the preferred choice if you want a long-lasting scent.


A sweet, citrus scent with a tad bit of floral tartness. It’s popular because it’s a combination of spicy and floral.


A spicy, crisp scent that will put you in the mindset of apple pie baking. Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked apples!


A great woodsy scent with the slightest hint of citrus. Think of the fine cigar boxes and cedar chests that smell great and are made to last.

cedar scent


A creamy, sweet, and exotic scent. This light, fresh scent never fails to please.


An earthy, warm scent with a hint of spice and wood. It’s very masculine and combines well with other scents like coconut and bergamot.


A sweet, tart citrus smell. It’s lightweight and refreshing. Beware: citrus may cause skin irritation.

grapefruit scent


A sensual, sweet, fruity scent that embraces both masculine and feminine wildness, making it attractive for both.


It’s light, floral, and herbal while also having soft, smokey tones. It is a very distinctive scent with some calming qualities.


A unique, earthy, woody smell. It’s rugged, animalistic, and sexy.

leather scent


A fresh, exciting, and energizing citrus scent. It invigorates and pairs well with vanilla, jasmine, bergamot, and many other scents. Beware: citrus may cause skin irritation.


A natural, earthy, animalistic scent. It’s sexy because it is close to your own natural scent. You can’t go wrong with musk.


A natural, sweet, and juicy scent. It’s light, refreshing, and upbeat. Beware: citrus may cause skin irritation.


A soft, minty scent with a touch of sweetness. It is energizing and exciting and will help keep you alert and awake. 

peppermint scent


Pine scent is earthy, refreshing, and strong. It reminds people of the holidays and cool, crisp winter air. 


A medicated, minty scent. The woodsy smell is energizing and citrus-like. You get the citrus scent without the skin-irritating properties.


A rich, woody scent. It’s a sweet mixture of balsamic and floral scents and is used in many skincare fragrances as a base scent.


A fresh, minty scent. It is much lighter than peppermint so the scent is not as intense. 


A sweet, syrupy, and warm scent. It is calming and inviting and has a charming lighthearted smell.

The list of scents available for shaving soaps and creams is never-ending and the possibilities are endless for scent combinations. 

You should always take some time to research any new product you plan to use on your skin. When in doubt, seek professional advice.  

vanilla scent

Can you add fragrance to shaving soap?

Adding your own scent to your shaving soap is an ideal way to ensure you use ingredients best suited for your skin type. You can tailor your soap scent to something that enhances your natural body chemistry.

It’s easy to add fragrance to your shaving soap. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Select the unscented shaving soap of your choice.
  2. Wrap the bar of soap in kraft paper.
  3. Put paper-wrapped soap sideways in a jar.
  4. Add a few drops of your desired scent to the paper around the soap, not directly on the soap. Be careful not to saturate paper
  5. Put the top on the jar and leave it alone for a week. 

Once you remove the soap from the jar, it will retain the scent you added to it. Since this works on just about any soap bar, you can make it your own.

You can also add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to your lather when you soap up to do your shave. It is an easy way to add scent to your shave soap. It also makes it easier for you to choose your scent according to your mood. 

Here’s a great video showing how easy it is to add a fragrance to your shaving soap while you shave.

It’s not a complicated process and won’t add more than a few seconds to your daily shaving routine.   

Adding your own fragrance to your shaving soap gives you the opportunity to try different scents. You can create your own, sexy blend designed by you, for you.  

What is the most attractive shaving soap scent for men?

There is nothing more manly or sexy than the scent of leather. It’s smoky, and mysterious, and reminds us of everything masculine. 

If you are searching for a shave soap scent that you can call your own, start with the natural smell of leather and build upon it. You can pick and choose different natural scents that will enhance the scent of leather and your natural body chemistry. 

The smell of leather invokes animalistic, rugged manliness in cowboys, athletes, businessmen, and any other type of man you can think of. Leather is ageless, timeless, and lasts for decades. It doesn’t matter if it’s weathered leather, new leather, or leather with a hint of vanilla, bergamot, or some other mixture, you can’t go wrong. Anything mixed with leather will smell amazing.

Whatever scent you decide to add to your shaving soap, make sure you do your research and a test sample to make sure it won’t irritate your skin.   


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