Astra Vs Feather Razor Blades (Differences, Pros, and Cons!)

There’s a lot on the internet as far as which blades are best for a smooth effortless shave. Here we are going to discuss two good contenders on the shaving blade market, Astra Superior Platinum and Feather Hi-Stainless blades. Which is better?

Both the Astra Superior Platinum blades and Feather Safety Razors are available online, although Feather costs more than three times as much per blade. Astra blades offer a smoother shave but need to be replaced more often. Overall, Astra Superior Platinum blades are a better choice for most and have fewer complaints.

Read on to learn how each of these razor blades ranks in price, availability, sharpness, performance, and longevity. We’ll also discuss some anecdotal reviews to objectively understand how the products actually perform.

Which is better – Astra or Feather razor blades?

While there is a huge selection of razor blades available, two of the most popular are the Astra Superior Platinum blades and the Feather Double Edge Safety blades. Which is better?

Astra Superior Platinum blades are not as sharp and do not last as long as the Feather razors; however, fewer people report having irritation from shaving with these. While they may not last as long, they provide a fairly comfortable shave for half the cost. Feather blades test as sharper even after two shaves; however, they cost more than twice as much as Astra blades.

Based on my research, Astra is the better blade overall.

It has fewer complaints and a better rapport for consistency between each blade which is a huge necessity in my eyes.

Although Feather blades may be better for some consumers, for the majority, I’d recommend Astra Superior Platinum.

Astra razor blades

Astra began as a razor blade company in the Czech Republic, and was purchased by Gillette in the 1990s. Gillette moved the manufacturing of these blades to Russia in order to save costs.

Overall, they have a very good reputation, although there are a few regularly noted cons.


Astra Superior Platinum blades are known for giving a comfortable shave.

Astra is also an ideal choice if you have very thick or coarse facial hair to cut through.


The downside of the comfortable blade is that they are not very sharp and don’t have the best longevity.

Some report being able to use them for 1-2 good shaves while others report 2-4 decent shaves.

Feather razor blades

Feather Safety Razor Company is based in Japan. It introduced its first razor in 1932. Since then the company has created many products for not only the barbering/cosmetology fields but also medical sharps objects and industrial blades.

Their different barbering products are crafted with a quality shave in mind. Despite being a good product, these razors aren’t without a downside.


These are designed with a lot of forethought.

They are ground at 3 different angles and are given a platinum alloy coating for durability and then a resin coating to create lower friction when shaving.

They are also the sharpest blades on the market.


Because of the close shave these razors offer, they can often cause an aggressive shave or can lead to a moderate amount of irritation from shaving.

This is one of the most common complaints against consumers and is not recommended for anyone with little skill in wet shaving.

It is also common for this product to have a lot of inconsistency from blade to blade.

Astra Vs Feather razor blades

You can ring the bells because the competition has begun.

We will review how both the Astra and Feather razors perform regarding:

  • Price and availability
  • Sharpness
  • Performance
  • Longevity

Once we’ve reviewed how these razors stack up based on these criteria, we’ll make a final recommendation as to which one is the better choice for most shavers.

Price and availability

Both Astra and Feather razor blades are readily available for purchase online. You may be able to find either at a barbershop that sells blades or a special beauty supply but you’d be better off ordering them.

Availability is the same for these razors as they are both easily purchased online. Astra is significantly more affordable per blade as the average blade is 12-13 cents while Feather blades are usually 40 cents per blade.

Packs of 100 Superior Platinum blades average around $12-13. This makes them around 12-13 cents per blade. You may even be able to find a pack of 100 blades for less than $10 on Amazon. If you’re committed to your choice of blade, you can easily order these wholesale: 2000 blades costs less than $200, making each blade just a penny

Feather razor blades average around $20 for 5 packs of 10 blades, putting these at 40 cents per blade. There are a few deals sometimes putting 100 blades at $30 or about 10 less per blade (but still about twice as much as the Astra).


There is a lot of talk on the internet as to which one is actually sharper. There has even been informal user research conducted where they measured the sharpness of several blades when brand new and after 1 and 2 shaves.

Feather blades are sharper straight out of the box and after 2 shades. While Astra blades dull less between shaves they are not nearly as sharp.

While the Feather razor blades dull considerably after one shave they are still sharper than the Astra blades.


Smoothness and comfortability during a shave are very subjective and vary from person to person depending on their skin and facial hair type.

Your preferred razor based on performance will depend heavily on whether you prefer a closer shave or the one with the least likelihood of irritation. The Astra blade allows you to shave more quickly and with less preparation, while the Feather will require more effort but will give a closer shave.

I have heard very few people ever complain about an Astra blade. These blades provide a very smooth and close shave even with the coarsest facial hair. Not many experience irritation or discomfort after a shave with an Astra blade. Overall, Astra blades offer a very smooth shave.

Feather blades give a really good shave the first time around, after that you can certainly tell it’s not a brand new blade anymore. It is also more common that these cause irritation to the skin because the blades do get so close. This is especially an issue for those with more sensitive skin. These certainly do the job, however, the performance won’t be the most comfortable every time.


Price per razor is an important factor, but a blade that lasts longer may be worthwhile if you’re having the change the cheaper blade after every use.

While the Feather blades are sharper right out of the box, they lost a lot of their edge after the first shave there was no further loss in sharpness after the second shave. The Astra blades lost less of their edge overall, however it was a consistent loss after each shave.

The Feather blades were consistent after the first shave and still had more of an edge than the Astra’s did right out of the package. For most, the Feather blades will be the better choice is based exclusively on longevity.

Anecdotal reviews

When looking for reliable reviews, I prefer to find the ones with good and bad because they seem to be the most objective.

Both of these razors tend to have a very high percentage of 5-star reviews and relatively few ratings below 4 stars. Among the lower ratings, both inexperience and technique seem to play a role in the negative experiences.

One user said that while Feather razors are “certainly sharp and provide a close shave I personally got more irritation from them, especially after the first few shaves whereas the Astra would provide a decent shave for more shaves.”

Another person experienced tugging with the Astra blade around their neck area, they tried a few different blades and came to this simple conclusion for the Astra blades: “smooth, forgiving, cheap for its quality and last 4 shaves for me.”

Among the reviews under 5 stars, a lot of people mention a lack of longevity with the Astra blades. A lot seems to do with the frequency with which the user shaves with them. Coarser hair needs to be shaved sooner to get a longer blade life while those with sparse or finer hair can get an extra shave or two out of each blade.

Over 90% of Amazon reviews for Feather razor blades give it 5 stars. One man said, “For a long time, the characterization that these blades were the world’s sharpest put me off, creating the impression that sharpness equals risk of nicks and cuts. Only if you use excessive pressure when shaving. I have tried at least half a dozen brands of blades over the last 10 years. No more wandering the blade desert for me. Sharpness equals smoothness and an unrivaled face and head shave. The key to avoiding nicks and cuts is a very light touch with your razor and taking your time in tight spots.”

Despite the high regard for this blade, most of the reviews under 5 stars mention irritation after shaving or a very poor consistency from blade to blade. A lot mention that while one blade may last them a week, the next in the pack may only last 2 shaves, indicating an inconsistency in quality.

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