Astra Vs Personna Razor Blades (Differences, Pros, and Cons!)

When it comes to purchasing razor blades, you’re going to want the highest quality possible. There may be other factors that are important to you such as the longevity and price of the blade. Astra and Personna razor blades are both high-quality, but which one is truly better?

While many people prefer to shave using the Personna razor blades – especially the blue ones which provide a milder shave than the reds – Astra razors blades are likely to be the better overall choice. Astra blades are a little cheaper (although the edge does not tend to last as long), have a sharper starting edge, and have better reviews overall.

In this article, we will do a blow-by-blow comparison of each blade and declare a winner in each area. The overall winner will be based upon those results. This will help you figure out what factors are most important to you for each razor blade. 

Which is better – Astra or Personna razor blades?

When choosing between Astra or Personna razor blades, there are several important factors to consider. Although the differences between these razor blades are small, there is still one brand that comes out on top. 

For most shavers, Astra razor blades are superior as they have a better price, better reviews, and their blade is sharper than Personna blades. Which blade you think is better will depend on how it feels when you use them. Some factors may be less or more important for you, so remember to take into consideration what your needs are.

If you want a sharper blade at a better price and reassurance from tens of thousands of reviews, then Astra is the best option.

If, however, you want a longer-lasting blade and a more comfortable shave, Personna is the way to go.

Personna Reds and Blues

There are two separate types of Personna blades – Israeli Reds and Blues.

The most important difference between these two types is that Reds are made in Israel and Blues are made in the USA. Anecdotal reviews also state that the Reds are more aggressive than the Blues. Overall, Blues provide a more comfortable and milder shave. 

When people search for Personna blades, they are likely looking for Personna Blues as they are the most popular option, especially for U.S. consumers. 

Astra razor blades

Astra began as a razor blade company in the Czech Republic and was purchased by Gillette in the 1990s. Gillette moved the manufacturing of these blades to Russia in order to save costs.

Overall, they have a very good reputation, although there are a few regularly noted cons.


  • Cheaper price
  • Sharper blade
  • Better reviews


  • Less comfortable and smooth shaving
  • Less longevity

Personna razor blades

Personna has been manufacturing razor blades for over 135 years. Their “Lab Blue” blades are made in the USA by American Safety Razor. Their blades are made from high-grade stainless steel which is what gives them their smooth and comfortable shaving experience. 

Let’s go over the pros and cons of Personna razor blades. 


  • More comfortable and smooth shaving
  • Greater longevity 


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Blade is not as sharp
  • Less reviews

Astra Vs Personna razor blades

To see what razor blade truly comes out on top, we will need to compare each of them head-on. In this section, we will go over the most important aspects of each blade and provide a blow-by-blow comparison. 

We will review how both the Astra and Personna razors perform regarding:

  • Price and availability
  • Sharpness
  • Performance
  • Longevity

Once we’ve reviewed how these razors stack up based on these criteria, we’ll make a final recommendation as to which one is the better choice for most shavers.

Price and availability

Both Astra and Personna razor blades are readily available for purchase online. You may be able to find either at a barbershop that sells blades or a special beauty supply but you’d be better off ordering them.

Availability is essentially the same for these razors as they are both easily purchased online, so price becomes the deciding factor. In this comparison, Astra is the superior option. A 100-pack of Astra blades is only $9.50 while a 100-pack of Persona blades is slightly more expensive at $10.95. 

There is a very slight edge here for Astra as both are priced similarly, and both have availability on Amazon. 


Sharpness is an important metric when determining your preferred razor blade as a cheap razor that doesn’t provide a good shave certainly isn’t worth the money saved.

In this comparison alone, Astra is the superior option. According to anecdotal reviews, Astra blades feel much sharper than Personna blades. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that although Astra is the sharper blade, it doesn’t feel as smooth as Personna blades. Keep this in mind if that is something important for you!


While there is often a lot of subjectivity when it comes to the performance of a razor blade in particular, the results for this one are fairly unanimous.

In this comparison, Personna is the superior option. According to anecdotal reviews and my own experience, Personna always provides a smoother shave. 

Astra blades feel slightly rougher against the skin, and they don’t last as long. For me, Personna wins this round because I prefer a smoother and more comfortable shave. 


Price per razor is an important factor, but a blade that lasts longer may be worthwhile if you’re having the change the cheaper blade after every use.

In this comparison, Personna is the superior option. According to anecdotal reviews, Astra blades usually need to be replaced after four shaves. Personna blades are still going even after five shaves. 

Longevity may be the reason why Personna blades are slightly more expensive than Astra blades. 

Anecdotal reviews

When it comes to buying a razor, word of mouth and reviews are a great starting point. So what are people saying about these razors?

Based on reviews, Astra is the superior option. Anecdotal reviews generally state that Astra is the go-to option.

When researching products online, always check the number of reviews!

Astra has about seven times the number of reviews on Amazon than Personna has, so it has been more thoroughly examined by the shaving community than Personna. 

It is important to note that the differences between these blades are quite small, and the best way to figure out which is best for you is to try them! Personally, I’ve used about 150 Astra blades, and I’ve found them to be solid and reliable. More recently, I’ve used 15-20 Personna blades, and now I prefer them over Astra because they provide a smoother shave. 

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