Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor (Shavette) Review, Specs & Comparison

Many people say that shavettes are a great way to get into straight razor shaving without a lot of upfront cost or ongoing maintenance. The Parker SR1 is a commonly recommended, budget-friendly shavette.

The Parker SR1 Shavette is a good option for anyone interested in shaving with a straight razor because it is reasonably priced, made from solid stainless steel, and is fairly balanced in the hand. With the proper razor blade and technique, the Parker SR1 can deliver a quality shave.

Continue reading to learn more about the Parker SR1’s specifications, price, quality, ease of use, comfort, fit and finish, and comparisons to similar products.

Parker SR1 Shavette Overview

If you are in the market for a shavette there are many options to choose from so it can be difficult to determine which option is best.

The Parker SR1 is a decent choice for a first shavette because the brand has a pretty good reputation, it is built with stainless steel, and the overall quality is at least as good as other competitors in this price range. However, it is a bit more expensive than some other options that offer similar quality.

Something to point out is that many competitors will also include anywhere from 5 to 100 razor blades (typically Derby) with the purchase of their shavette and they often do it for a price that is less than the Parker SR1 alone.

If you are looking for maximum dollar value, there are better options than the Parker SR1.

Parker SR1 in original box

Parker SR1 Specifications

Let’s get into the details of this particular shavette.

Keep in mind that this razor represents the average quality and material that you are likely to find in this price range.


The Parker SR1 weighs 1.7 ounces.


The Parker SR1’s handle and razor arm are made from stainless steel while brass is used for a couple of small details.


The Parker SR1 is 5.75 inches long from tip to tang when in the closed position.

Parker SR1 unboxed in the closed position

Replacement razor blades for the Parker SR1

The Parker SR1 can use any double-edge razor blade made for a safety razor once it has been snapped in half. The shavette can also use any single-edge razor blades specifically made for shavettes such as the Derby professional or Parker’s own blades.

Personna Platinum Blue razor blades

Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor Review

Now let’s look at this shavette based on a few different areas to see what kind of value it brings to the table.


You will find this shavette priced at around $20 at various online retailers and sale prices can drive it below that number. Picking up this shavette bundled with razor blades will typically increase the price by a few dollars.

Online, you will find shavettes available that range in price from $5.99 up to as much as $30 so this razor sits above-average compared to its peers.

If you want to check out the price of this shavette with 5 blades included you can look at this listing here.

If you want to check out some of the competitors to this shavette that are a bit cheaper and also come with more blades then check out these listings.

Score: 6/10

Quality and Durability

I’ve already mentioned that this razor is made from solid stainless steel which should prevent most rust issues, especially around the blade area. However, the use of other metal types (brass) on some of the accent pieces could cause problems long term, especially around the hinge areas.

As with all razors, it is best to keep store this one in a clean and dry place when not in use.

Ease of use

The design and use of the Parker SR1 will be very similar to other shavettes on the market because it uses the same traditional style as the others. With shavettes, there are three main areas to look at when it comes to ease of use:

  • Blade clip – basically, how easy is it to load a blade into the razor. In this case, the mechanism is easy to use and feels very secure once locked.
  • Weight – the total weight of the razor is important as it will impact the control you have over the razor during shaving. This razor is on the lighter end of the spectrum which will minimize fatigue but reduce overall control.
  • Balance – once the razor is unfolded, it is important for the weight to be evenly balanced to maintain proper control during the shave. This razor is fairly well balanced and shouldn’t cause any issues.
Parker SR1 shavette opened to show razor blade clip

Of course, this is also a very subjective area so your best bet is to put your hands on a few different razors to evaluate your preferences for yourself.


Another subjective area, comfort also includes things like the shape of the tang and any grip built into the body of the razor.

This razor is average on all counts – the tang is long enough to comfortably hold one finger but two fingers might be uncomfortable. Meanwhile, there is no grip built into the razor’s body and it is actually quite a smooth finish which could become slippery if you aren’t careful.

Fit and finish

So, how does the razor look?

This razor is made from stainless steel and has a shiny polish on it that is quite prone to fingerprints. When cleaned and wiped down, the razor looks pretty good on the counter top but the lack of any interesting design elements means that it is a fairly underwhelming look overall.

Parker SR1 Comparisons

The SR1 is very similar to other Parker shavettes which mostly differ only in materials used and overall weight.

Parker 31R

The Parker 31R was the original iteration of the SR1 and is almost exactly the same in terms of design and materials. Once new products were added to the Parker line, the 31R became the SR1 as we know it today.

Parker SRX

The SRX is the ‘heavy-duty’ cousin to the SR1 and has almost exactly the same design and shape as the SR1 but it weighs about 35% more at 2.3 ounces.

Parker SRB

On the other end of the spectrum, the SRB is about 18% lighter at 1.4 ounces than the SR1 because the body is made from black resin instead of stainless steel. The blade area and clip are still made from stainless steel.

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