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Is it Okay to Shave Your Face Every Day? (8 Ways to Avoid Irritation)

Many men struggle with the necessity to shave every day because it causes them discomfort and irritation. Is it even possible to shave every day?

Daily shaving is perfectly acceptable, and men shouldn’t worry about the adverse effects of frequent shavings. If done correctly by using a safety razor, washing beforehand, applying pre-shave oil, using high-quality shaving soap, and using aftershave, men can avoid irritated skin. 

Continue reading to find out what you’re doing to your face when you shave every day and how changing your daily routine could transform the whole experience from dull to delightful. 

What happens if you shave every day? 

Whether it’s for appearance’s sake or safety reasons, many companies and professions require their employees to sport a clean-shaven face. Of course, you also can add a few wives and girlfriends to that list. But some men complain about shaving every day since it leaves their face vulnerable to cuts and ingrown hair that can cause itching and irritation. 

The whole point of shaving is to end up with a face that is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. However, some men find that going follicle-free comes at a price:

  • cuts
  • red ruddy skin that looks blotchy
  • painful ingrown hair

And going a day is simply not an option, especially for some men with thick dark hair that causes a 5 o’clock shadow. 

Each time you shave, you’re not only cutting facial hair, but you’re also removing a layer of dead skin. For that reason, the act of shaving can be a traumatic experience that causes a painful skin infection called folliculitis. 

But the experience of shaving shouldn’t be a trade-off between a neat appearance and a look that leaves you sloppier than beforehand. 

Eight tips for shaving without irritation

Dermatologists say you can avoid folliculitis and improve your health by following a shaving regimen that focuses on your skin. Here are eight ways you can achieve both a neat appearance and healthy-looking and feeling skin. 

With that in mind, here are the best ways to avoid irritation when shaving every day:

  • Switch from a disposable razor to a safety razor
  • Keep your razor sharp
  • Wash your face
  • Improve your shaving routine
  • Use a pre-shave oil
  • Quality aftershaves can help protect and heal skin 
  • Clean your razor
  • Slow down

Switch from a disposable razor to a safety razor

A disposable razor may seem more convenient, but convenience doesn’t necessarily mean more comfort. In fact, you may be doing more damage to your skin with an inexpensive disposable razor.

Many disposable razors are available with two, three, or even five blades. But the spacing between those blades can trap skin, dirt, soap, and shaving cream. As you read below, those particles can cause significant skin irritations. You won’t have those problems with a single safety razor. 

In the long run, thousands of men maintain that they receive better results from a safety razor.

Keep your razor sharp

A dull razor can be highly damaging to your face–causing nicks and cuts. That’s why it’s essential that you keep your razor sharp, which is easy to do when you use a safety razor. 

Buy a strop to keep your razor in ship shape. Most strops are made from leather or heavy cloth such as denim and can be purchased at various price points. 

Take your razor and scrape it against the strop; turn it and rub against the other side of the razor. It’s important that you use the same amount of pressure on each stroke. This action allows both sides of the blade’s point to become equally as sharp. 

Stropping your razor after every 3-5 shaves should keep your blade in the best condition. And if done properly, you can extend the life of your razor. 

Wash your face 

Washing your face may seem like a commonsense solution to achieve better, healthier skin results, but many men don’t take the time to clean before they clip.

In addition to hair, your razor removes a small layer of dead skin. By using soap or a mild cleanser, you remove dirt and oily residue that may clog your pores. Men can develop ingrown hair that is painful and unsightly by having clogged pores. 

There’s little that hurts more than running a razor across a dry face. A freshly clean, wet face softens the hair and reduces friction that causes the razor to tug on your beard.

Combined with shaving cream, damp hair will stand up and become more accessible for the blade to get underneath it. 

Improve your shaving routine 

Dermatologists recommend shaving in the direction that your hair grows. Shaving that way allows easier access to your hair and makes for painless removal.

Taut skin allows for a smoother surface from which to work. You may need to push and pull your skin or puff up your cheeks to achieve that goal. Any of those methods should make it easier to shave. 

For a closer shave, make a second pass across the grain and then a third time against your beard’s grain. Again, be careful you don’t slice off parts of your face. Having wads of toilet paper stuck to your face is not an attractive look. 

Instead of using all your power to push the blade against your beard, make gentle strokes across your face. Remember, you’re only trying to remove the hair that can be seen and not pull out the follicles by the roots. 

Since plastic disposable cartridge razors are so lightweight, many men believe they need to compensate by bearing down. However, a heavy safety razor may remind you to use gentle movements. 

You should rinse your razor between strokes to avoid getting refuse trapped on the blade. 

Use a pre-shave oil

You would think that water would be enough to hydrate your skin before you shave. But by applying a pre-shave oil, shavers receive the benefit of extra lubrication that allows the razor to glide across the face without painful pulling. 

These inexpensive pre-shaves are made from natural ingredients such as sunflower oil that won’t clog your pores and cause acne and other problems such as ingrown hair.  

Similar to soaps, pre-shave oils can also act as an anti-bacterial that will kill germs that may infect skin pores. 

Quality aftershaves can help protect and heal skin 

Aftershave lotion is the perfect solution to help your skin recover and heal from the shaving experience. There are a variety of ones that are made with all-natural ingredients and have manly scents. That way, you come away from your sink looking clean and smelling fresh. 

However, men with allergies should steer clear of aftershaves that contain alcohol. And there are many lotions containing alcohol – the same ingredient that your mom used to clean a scraped knee before bandaging it up. Those home remedies always caused a stinging sensation, so imagine rubbing that all over your face after shaving. There are plenty of options for men with sensitive skin. 

Men with skin conditions such as eczema may want to avoid aftershave lotions altogether, especially during a flare-up. 

Cleaning your razor is vital  

After shaving, your razor can have the look of a hazardous waste site. This is because dead skin, hair, oil, dirt, shaving cream, lotion, soap are left behind on the razor’s edge. 

It’s crucial that all those germs and bacteria are not only wiped off but also cleaned off. Use hot water to rinse and remove that debris.

You can use a solution made from natural ingredients such as soybean oil or cinnamon leaf oil. 

But by all means, don’t leave the razor in the shower to sitting on a wet sink. Instead, dry it off to prevent rusting and to keep the blade from chipping. You can even use alcohol to make sure the razor is sanitized and unlikely to rust.

An added benefit to a clean razor is that you also increase its lifespan. 

Slow Down 

Finally, it would be best if you always remembered that you’re holding a sharp object (duh!) against some of your most visible features. If you’re preoccupied, sleepy, or simply in a hurry, you risk cutting yourself no matter if you follow every tip on the internet.

Shaving could be – and should be a relaxing part of your morning routine. Slow down. With multiple steps involved in the shaving process, you may forget one if you’re moving at a breakneck pace.

The less you rush, the more you’re apt to enjoy the entire process.

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