Is Harry’s Shaving Cream Any Good? [Ingredients, Performance, & Cost]

Almost a decade ago, Harry’s revolutionized how we shop for razors. Harry’s started as a men’s cartridge razor subscription club, marketing and delivering their razors and shaving creams directly to the consumer. Shavers could now order shaving products or have fresh blades arrive monthly without needing to put them on the shopping list. But is Harry’s shaving cream any good, or is it just convenient?

Harry’s Shaving Cream is a good, moderately-priced choice for most shavers, even those with sensitive skin. The cream has a lotion-like consistency that develops into a creamy lather that conditions the skin and softens hair. Shavers who prefer a thicker foam should try Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel, which provides a rich lather and an excellent glide.

Read on to learn how Harry’s shaving products stack up!

Is Harry’s shaving cream good for shaving?

Harry's offers two shaving products - the classic Shave Cream and a Shave Gel.

While most shaving cream makers offer multiple products for different skin issues, Harry’s keeps it simple – one shaving cream and one shaving gel.

Harry’s shaving cream is a good option for shaving especially if you are trying to avoid sulfates, parabens, and preservatives. It does hydrate and condition but may not meet the needs of all shavers with sensitive skin. Harry’s also offers an aloe-containing shave gel.

Harry’s cream and gel offer cushion, conditioning, hydration, and glide. All desired qualities when it comes to a premier shave experience.

Not sure if cream, gel, or foam is right for you? We break down the five key differences here!

Harry’s shaving cream vs. other brands

Harry’s launched its online subscription service in 2013 and quickly became well-known for their two razors named Truman and Winston.

Subscribers were able to order a shave bundle that included one handle, 3 replacement razor cartridges, shave cream, and a razor cover. They could customize the delivery frequency of additional cartridges.

While Harry’s is best known for its razors, the shaving cream may be its best kept secret.

With most kits, Harry’s offers the choice of either shave cream or shave gel. Some of the most important things you need to know about both are:

  • Ingredients – Harry’s shaving products are free from sulfates and parabens. They contain soothing ingredients like aloe and cucumber and eucalyptus and mint essential oils.
  • Performance – Users report that Harry’s shaving cream is as good if not better than other mass-marketed creams.
  • Cost – The cost of Harry’s shaving cream is moderate if bought separately. The overall cost decreases if bought in a shave bundle.
  • Value – Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel requires only a small amount of product per shave making it a high value for the price.
  • Availability – Harry’s shaving cream is available through Harry’s online subscription service. Due to its popularity, it is now also available through retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Harry’s initially competed with another new subscription razor service called Dollar Shave Club. DSC razors were less expensive but used lower-quality materials. Gillette and Schick’s users were tired of paying high prices for replacement cartridges and started moving to the more reasonable Harry’s brand. This move introduced them to Harry’s comparable shaving cream and gel leaving many satisfied with the results.

Is Harry’s a German company?

While Harry’s roots are deeply rooted in America, they do work synergistically with German artisans.

Harry’s is not a German company. Business partners, Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield launched Harry’s in New York City and this is where their corporate office remains. The duo did acquire a German factory that specializes in the production of high-quality Swedish steel razor blades eleven months after Harry’s launch.

The launch of Harry’s business plan was such a success that they convinced investors to put up over $100 million to purchase the 93-year-old Feintechnik blade factory. This venture allowed Harry’s to partner with blade crafting experts and offer quality razor blades at an affordable price.

Fun Fact: If neither founder is named Harry, how did the company get its name? Jeff says they named it after a close family friend named, you guessed it, Harry. He was a grandfatherly type and they liked the generational link to shaving. Harry’s is now valued at $1.7 billion. Looks like ole Harry resonated with consumers!

Is Harry’s high quality?

Harry’s entered a crowded market and chiseled away at the top players’ market share. Quality, price, and ease of purchase were major reasons for this quick and consistent success.

Harry’s shave products use high-quality materials. Their razors are weighted and use materials like zinc and graphite. The razor blades are German-engineered using Swedish steel, and their shaving cream and gel do not contain sulfates or parabens.

Content users say they were drawn to the shaving cream because of the high quality of the razors, and report they are just as pleased with the cream.

Is Harry’s shaving cream available everywhere?

What started as an exclusively online business soon became readily available to those who prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores.

Harry’s shaving cream is now available to order directly from the company, at local drugstores, mass retailers, supermarkets, and online retailers.

Originally, Harry's was only available by online subscription order. Due to its popularity, you can now find it at Target, Walmart, and other locations.

Walmart and Target were among the first retailers to offer individual Harry’s products and gift bundles. Now, you can find Harry’s almost anywhere that sells men’s grooming products.

Do you use Harry’s shave cream before or after shaving?

Pre-shave. During shave. Post-shave. Product labeling can sometimes be confusing. Is it ok to use just one product or do you need a few to get the job done?

According to the package directions, you should use Harry’s shave cream before shaving. The printed directions say to apply to wet skin and let sit for a couple of minutes Harry’s does make a post-shave mist and balm to use after your shave.

One reviewer said he was underwhelmed the first few times he used Harry’s Shave Cream, but he was sold once he actually followed the directions. Letting the cream sit on moistened skin helps soften up the hair and prepare the face for a smooth shave.

The best Harry’s shaving cream

Harry’s mission from the start was to produce high-quality products at a reasonable cost. For this reason, a basic, streamlined product line is offered versus competitors that offer a plethora of different scents, sizes, and formulations.

Harry’s makes a shaving cream and a foaming shave gel. Both products are free of dyes and chemicals and include natural oils and extracts. While neither product is marketed specifically for sensitive skin, the gel formulation seems more suited to that skin type.

Harry’s Shave Cream

Harry's shaving cream cream is sulfate and paraben free and includes soothing ingredients like eucalyptus.

Harry’s Shave Cream provides a good shave at a good price.

Harry’s Shave Cream in a tube contains a blend of “12 natural oils and extracts” that condition and soften skin. Eucalyptus and mint provide a cooling sensation to the skin. Some users like this feeling, while others don’t care for it – especially those who have sensitive skin.

Reviewers report that this shave cream “doesn’t lather as much” as others. Some shavers like this because they can see exactly where they are shaving. Other shavers prefer a richer lather.

Most users agree that the scent is a subtle, pleasing menthol.

Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel

Harry's Shave Gel is better for users who prefer a quicker shave or a thicker lather.

Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel fits the bill for those that prefer a rich, thick lather.

Users say it only takes a bit of gel to get a big lather. Many reviewers tried Harry’s in place of their usual brand and became converts.

Sensitive skin users rated the gel formulation higher than the cream probably due to the addition of aloe. The scent is reported to be very mild.

The shave gel does come in a can and a few users warned that the first pump may be wasteful as it discharges too much product.

 Harry’s shaving cream alternatives

There are lower-cost and luxury brand alternatives to Harry’s Shave Cream and Foaming Shave Gel.

Harry’s gel is often mentioned as a welcome alternative to Edge Shave Gel with Aloe. Dollar Shave Club’s cream is comparable in price, while Jack Black’s Supreme Cream yields a luxury lather with a luxury price.

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