Can You Take Shaving Soap on a Plane? (TSA Rules)

Packing your bags for a flight hasn’t always been a tedious task. With sometimes unclear TSA regulations, it can be hard to determine what you can bring in your carry-on and what should go in checked luggage. There are numerous stories of airline passengers having items confiscated or thrown out in the security line because they are not allowed on a plane. With some of those reports including softer shaving soaps, can you take shaving soaps on an airplane? 

Solid shaving soaps can be taken in a carry-on in any amount. However, softer, cream, and liquid soaps will need to be equal to or under 3.4oz/100mL to be allowed past security; larger amounts of these soaps will need to be packed in a checked bag. The final decision on whether items are allowed past the checkpoint is up to the TSA officer on duty.

Read on for more information on whether or not shaving soap is considered a liquid or a solid and what restrictions there may be when flying. Being prepared for the security line at the airport is important to ensure you get to your flight’s terminal on time; it can also relieve some of the stress of air travel.

Is shaving soap allowed on a plane?

Shaving soap is allowed on an airplane, although there are restrictions on some types of soaps.

The TSA has guidelines for taking toiletries on a flight. Liquids and creams, exactly like the kind you may prefer to shave with, are limited to 3.4oz (100mL) sizes.

Shaving soap isn’t specifically mentioned in the restrictions, but shaving cream, liquid, and bar soap are. It’s your responsibility to interpret the restrictions as strictly as possible because that’s likely how the TSA agent on duty will proceed.

Is shaving soap considered a liquid when flying?

Whether it has the consistency of a traditional liquid (water or even liquid hand soap, for example) or not, your shaving soap may be classified as a liquid for TSA purposes.

Most high-quality shaving soaps are triple-milled, making them 100% solid so they are not considered a liquid. Croap shaving soaps that are softer and whipped-style soaps may be considered a cream.

It will be up to the TSA officer whether a softer shaving soap will be considered a liquid, cream, or solid.

What size soap can you take on a plane?

The type of shaving soap you use will determine what size you can take on the plane with you.

There are no limitations on shaving soaps that are 100% or mostly solid. Any soaps that are determined to be a liquid or a cream will have a 3.4 oz/100mL limit in a carry-on item and no limit if placed in a checked bag.

How do you travel with shaving soap?

If you have a solid bar of shaving soap, you are in the clear to pack it in any of your luggage items at no limit.

If you have a soft cream or liquid soap or if you are unsure how your soap will be classified, save yourself the trouble and keep it within that 3.4oz/100mL limit or stick it in your checked luggage.

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