Does Shaving Soap Expire or Go Bad? (With Tips for Proper Storage!)

If you just bought some shaving soap or are looking to buy some, you may be wondering about the shelf life of the soap and how long it will last. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about how to make your shaving soap last as long as possible. 

Shaving soaps do not normally have an expiration date listed and can last for many, many years if cared for and stored properly. Scents will fade over time, however, and any fat-based shaving soap will eventually break down and go bad.

Unlike shaving creams which usually have preservatives in them and expire after about three years, shaving soaps are known to last a lot longer – even for over a decade before they go bad. Proper storage of your shaving soap will help to ensure its longevity. 

Can shaving soap ever go bad or expire?

Ideally, you want your shaving soap to last as long as possible so you can get the most use out of it.

Any shaving soaps that are made with animal fat and some types of vegetable fat can potentially go rancid if it doesn’t have preservatives. Most shaving soaps generally take a very long time to expire if at all. Leaving the shaving soap exposed will dry it out, so it is best to keep it closed up to prolong the moisture inside.

Although most shaving soaps will not expire for a very long time, they will start to lose scent over time, and you may need to add a bit of to activate it again. It is safe to say that a 10 year old shaving soap will be quite dry and scentless, although it should still be safe to use without any visible signs of rancidness that looks like mold or fungus.

So we know that shaving soap is unlikely to expire or go bad even after a long period of time. If you do end up with a shaving soap that is rancid, the smell will alert you of that immediately. A shaving soap that has gone bad may appear with a moldy or fungus-looking substance that makes dark brown spots appear on the soap. 

How long does shaving soap last?

If you use shaving soap when shaving, and do not expect to use it frequently, then you are going to want it to last as long as possible. It’s important you get shaving soap that is made from ingredients known to last a long time.

Shaving soaps usually last a long time, even over a decade in some cases. Shaving soaps made from vegetable and animal fats with preservatives will last a long time, but if they don’t have preservatives, then their shelf life could be more limited to six months or a few years. 

The length of time shaving soaps lasts widely depends on what ingredients they are made from.

When you are looking for shaving soap, look up what ingredients it has in it and what sort of fats it is made from. Find out how long those fats tend to last for before going rancid. You’ll also want to look for any preservatives it has in it as it will ensure much longer shelf life.

For example, this shaving soap is made from tallow fat and does not contain preservatives. Although tallow does not decompose easily and can last for over a year, it will lose its scent the longer it sits and will start to dry out. 

How do you maintain and store shaving soap?

In order to make your shaving soap lasts as long as possible, it’s important to store it properly so it can preserve its scent, and not dry out as much. When the shaving soap is dried out, it can be difficult to use. 

Here is a list of tips to ensure the longevity of your shaving soap: 

  • Store the shaving soap closed up and tucked away in a cool, dark, and dry place.
  • Store the shaving soap in a place other than the bathroom as there can be more humidity
  • If the shaving soap has gone rancid, the smell should alert you immediately. This is the time to throw it out. 
  • If the soap is old and dry, add a small amount of distilled water (hard water is not as effective) and let it sit for a few minutes. This will help to add moisture back into the soap and ready for use.

So make sure to take good care of your shaving soap by storing it in the proper place to ensure its shelf life. If you take all these steps, then you can be confident that your shaving soap will last as long as possible. 

What can you do with leftover shaving soap?

If you have some leftover soap scraps or have finished your shaving soap and want to use it for something else, then there are some options for that. In this section, we will go over some ideas for getting use out of any leftover shaving soap you have.

Reuse your shaving soap container

Shaving soap containers can be easily reused if you are unsure if it’s recyclable. Some brands of shaving soap sell refill pucks that you can place back into the container. Glycerin-based soaps can also be melted down and poured into containers, making them easier to load and use. 

Use your shaving soap container as a recycling tin

You can either recycle the container itself if it has a recycle symbol on it, or if you use a safety razor, then store your used blades inside and take it to a recycling facility that accepts sharp objects. 

Melt your soap scraps into a new puck

If you have some soap scraps that you want to add to a new puck, or if your mug bowl isn’t fitted correctly to the soap puck, you can melt the soap down so it fits the bowl while using all the soap. The best way to do this is to lightly bowl some water and put your bowl with the puck inside it until it melts down. Take it off the heat and wait for it to solidify again and voila! Here is a great video that explains this process. 

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