What is the Cheapest Safety Razor Available? (That Isn’t Just Junk!)

If you are looking for a great razor, but you’re just starting out and don’t want to break the bank, then you may be looking for a cheaper safety razor to get your feet wet. You may also be looking for a safety razor that is the best quality possible at the cheapest price.

Cheap safety razors can be found for under $25 and still offer amazing durability, quality, and value for the price. Vikings Blade, Bambaw, and Weishi all offer products at this price point to help budget-minded shavers get into wet shaving with double-edge safety razors.

In this article, we will go over the best safety razors at the cheapest prices. When searching for a safety razor at such a low price point it is important to look at the materials and durability it is made from because you want it to last as long as possible for the least amount of money. 

The best cheap safety razor

When it comes to buying a cheap safety razor, there are a number of factors we need to consider in order to find the best one possible at a low price. These factors include: 

  • Price: As cheap as possible without skimping on quality
  • Materials: Sturdy, strong, and long-lasting to ensure a great shave
  • Durability: The safety razor should be made from durable materials to ensure longevity
  • Reviews from users: There should not be any obvious negative reviews and users should be generally happy with the safety razor

All of the safety razors on our list are on Amazon so you can see lots of reviews about each razor. Now, let’s jump into the list of the best cheap and high-quality safety razors:

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

First on our list is the Vikings Blade safety razor. Vikings blade is well-known in the safety razor space for making the highest quality possible at the cheapest price. The Chieftain is my go-to recommendation for people looking for a fantastic budget razor.

Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Price and availability

You can almost always find this razor for $24.99 on Amazon (available on Prime) and it remains a consistently strong seller with great reviews.

Since this razor is in such high demand at a low price of $25, there is a chance that the razor will not be available when you go look at it. If you do not prefer other safety razors on this list instead, check out the Chieftain JR which is a similar razor at an even lower price point. 

Materials and durability

This safety razor is made from alloy steel which is not as good as stainless steel versions available for a higher price, but it has the best materials for this price point.

With alloy steel, it will still last a long time, but be sure to take good care of the razor and do not store it in any areas with high moisture such as the bathroom after use because, after a long time of regular use, rust spots could start to appear if regular maintenance is not done. 

Overall, alloy steel is a great option for this price and with regular maintenance, this razor will be the best option for someone on a budget. 

Notable features

This safety razor has a smaller 3-inch handle which will provide good control, but may be too small for someone with larger hands. It has a closed-comb design and is neutrally aggressive making it the perfect all-rounder for safety razor users. 

Also included with the safety razor is a small carrying case with a mirror for when you’re on the go and a pack of 5 steel mild blades so you can get started shaving quickly and not have to buy more blades with it. 


  • Affordable price
  • Best materials available at this price point and heavyweight design for a great shaving experience 
  • Made from durable alloy steel
  • Overall a highly rated safety razor 


User reviews

Overall, people are very happy with this razor and the good reviews greatly outweigh the bad reviews.

The more critical reviews tend to be from beginner users who experienced a bit of a learning curve, so if you are a beginner then you may consider a different version of the Vikings Blade safety razor that is more beginner-friendly like the Chieftain JR which is a great option at a low price. 

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor

Second on our list is the Bambaw safety razor.

Bambaw makes simple razors that are meant to get the job done at a low cost and they are known for making their safety razors as eco-friendly as possible. This particular one comes in a sleek black finish that will certainly make it stand out in a crowd.

Price and availability

The price of this razor is great for what you get out of it. Like the other razors on our list, it is made of durable and high-quality materials for this price. As of the time of writing, it’s selling for $23.99 on Amazon (with Prime).

Overall, it is an affordable razor that will get the job done and last a long time. 

Materials and durability

This Bambaw safety razor is made from zinc-alloy and contains a small amount of nickel as well. The great thing about zinc-alloy is that although it does rust, it rusts at a rate of 1/30 of that of steel. So you may not have to do as much thorough maintenance on this razor compared to its steel competitors. 

If you tend to leave your razor in areas with more moisture like the shower and have nowhere else to keep it, then this razor may be a better option. It is still important to do regular maintenance to ensure longevity. 

Notable features

This safety razor has a closed comb design and a longer 4-inch textured handle. The longer handle on this razor would be a better option for someone with bigger hands as it would give them better control. The textured handle is also a great help to prevent any slippage of the razor. 

The safety razor also comes with a stand to make storing it after use a seamless and easy process. It does not come with any extra carrying case or extra blades, so make sure to add them to your cart if you decide to go with this razor. 


  • Affordable price
  • Decent materials for this price point and is more resistant to rust than its steel competitors
  • Made from durable materials that will last a very long time with proper maintenance
  • Great ratings and reviews


  • Blade loading system and disassembly could be better
  • Stand may scratch the metal on the handle of the safety razor

User reviews

The reviews for this safety razor are generally very good with the good reviews greatly outweighing the bad. In the more critical reviews, some people complain that the process of replacing the razor and opening the comb could be better as it will fall off instead of staying attached. There is also a review that states that the stand may scratch some of the metal part of the razor. 

Overall, I think these complaints are minor and it would be a great razor for someone on a budget. 

WEISHI Double Edge Safety Razor

The last and cheapest razor on our list is the Weishi safety razor.

Despite the low price, Weishi is a good brand that makes higher-quality products at a slim price. I wouldn’t say they are as reputable or trustable as Vikings Blade is, but overall they make good products with good reviews.

Price and availability

The price of this safety razor is quite affordable and is the cheapest and most cost-effective razor on our list.

It is also available on Amazon (currently for $16.66 with Prime) and not as in demand as the Vikings Blade, so you should not have a hard time finding this safety razor available. 

Materials and durability

This safety razor is made from copper alloy which is great because copper does not rust, although it can corrode quite easily and other metals it may be mixed with could produce some rust. Overall, it is a more rust-resistant razor.  

The materials are still high-quality and with proper care, this razor will last a very long time. 

Notable features

This safety razor has a closed-comb, butterfly open design, and a medium-sized 3.5-inch textured handle. I am a big fan of the butterfly open design as it makes changing the razor blade a more simple process as all you have to do is twist-to-open and replace. It also makes cleaning a more seamless process. 

The medium-size and textured handle is also great for someone who is looking for good control and less slippage. The razor does not come with any extra carrying case or stand, but it does come with a set of 5 replacement blades. The reviews state the blades are very low quality so you may want to avoid using them and add some extra blades to your cart. 


  • Affordable price
  • Decent rust-resistant materials
  • Durable materials that will last a long time with proper care
  • Twist-to-open design for easy blade-changing and cleaning process
  • Smooth shave and good for sensitive skin


  • Requires more regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent corrosion and degradation over time
  • Lighter-weight design at only 74g
  • Razor blades included are low quality

User reviews

Reviews for this safety are generally very good with the good greatly outweighing the bad. The more critical reviews complain about corrosion or rust that most likely happened from mistreatment and improper care. This safety razor will definitely require a bit more maintenance than other safety razors on our list, so that is something to keep in mind. Other critical reviews mention that replacement blades included with the safety razor are of low quality. 

Overall, this is a great razor that will last a long time with proper care. It is also cost-effective with such a low price and high-quality, durable materials. This razor is a great option for someone who wants to dip their toes into the world of safety razor shaving but does not want to break the bank.

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