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Shaving Two Times a Day (Dealing With Fast Growing 5 O’clock Shadow)

The perfect 5 o’clock shadow look is often a sought-after style. However, some men don’t appreciate the shadow when it seems to appear by happy hour or, worse, lunchtime. If you need to remain clean-shaven for a professional meeting or formal event, is it safe to shave two times in one day?

If you have dark facial hair or speedy hair growth, it may be necessary to shave twice a day. In which case, you should take care to minimize skin irritation during both shaves. For each shave, prep with warm water and a frothy shaving soap then make a single pass with a clean, sharp blade. Splash with cold water then apply an aftershave lotion.

If you want to learn how to safely deal with a fast-growing 5 o’clock shadow, read on!

Is it okay to shave your face two times in one day?

According to Humbert Humbert from Lolita fame “…all the best people shave twice a day.” While shaving is a daily ritual for the majority of men, shaving two times a day is less common in today’s world. However, there are times when a double shave is desired.

It is acceptable to shave your face two times a day if you experience fast hair growth or have noticeable dark hair. Special care should be taken during every shave to ensure skin irritation and damage are kept to a minimum.

Thanks to factors like genetics, hormones, and ethnicity, some men are programmed to grow dark facial hair at warp speed. Less hairy men may look on with jealousy, but not all who are blessed in the scruff department embrace it. They desire to look as clean-shaven at 7:00 pm as they do at 7:00 am.

Fun Fact: English dandy, George “Beau” Brummell was known for his fashion sense and obsessive grooming habits. It’s rumored that he shaved twice a day plus tweezed any stray hairs left behind. Ironically, his excessive living resulted in financial ruin and he became “dirty and slovenly” later in life.

Dealing with 5 o’clock shadow later in the day

The average beard growth rate is half an inch per month, but many men fall in the above-average group. If you feel like your beard grows that much by the afternoon, then you may be wondering how to keep it in check. Sometimes fast-growing thick hair is to blame, other times early shadows can occur simply due to inefficient shaving tools.

If dealing with a 5 o’clock shadow late in the day, switching from an electric or cartridge razor to a single blade razor may help as it will give a closer shave. If a 5 o’clock shadow occurs even with a single blade, then a second shave may be necessary to maintain a clean-shaven look going into the evening hours. 

If you are currently using an electric razor or cartridge razor and experience dark stubble before the end of the day, switching to a single-blade razor could alleviate the issue. Using a single edge or double edge safety razor will give a closer shave because of the blade to skin ratio.

If you are already using a single blade and still see significant hair growth, a second shave would be beneficial. Men with dark, coarse, and curly hair tend to experience more noticeable shadows. 

The best tips for shaving your facial hair twice in one day

Evening wedding. Important client dinner. First date. Confidence soars when we feel good in our skin. Important events require pulling out all of the stops to not only look good but feel good too. If a freshly shaven mug is your preferred style, there are some tips that will make that second shave of the day more comfortable.

Shaving facial hair twice in one day is possible if an appropriate pre-, during, and post-shave routine is followed:

  1. Prep the face 
  2. Use a rich lather
  3. Use a clean, sharp blade
  4. Make one pass
  5. Splash with cold water
  6. Apply a moisture barrier

To prevent skin irritation and pain on double shave days, follow these tips for EACH shave.

1. Prep the face

Before you shave, warm water is your friend.

The warm moisture opens up your pores and softens the hairs making them easier to cut.

If you have coarse facial hair, prepping your face with shave oil can add another hair-softening layer.

2. Use a rich lather

Using a rich, frothy lather is important for many reasons.

If you take the time to warm the lather up a bit, it also preps the face. Working up a lather with a shaving brush and soap is better than the canned stuff.

The key here is lubrication throughout the entire shave. 

3. Use a clean, sharp blade

Your choice of razor will make a huge difference in the outcome of two shaves a day.

It is best to steer clear of cartridge razors these days. The lifting and pulling action can wreak havoc on your skin, plus dead skin and products can easily clog and dull the blades.

Using a sharp, single-blade safety razor will give you a cleaner, closer cut.

4. Make one pass

If you know you’ll be doing a second shave, only do one light pass on your first shave of the day.

Reducing your passes will save your skin from irritation and the possibility of nicks. Shaving in the direction of hair growth instead of against will also be a skin saver.

5. Splash with cold water

You opened your pores before the shave, now it’s time to close them.

This step not only feels good, but it also makes it harder for bad bacteria to enter the hair follicle and cause irritation issues like bumps and ingrown hairs.

6. Apply a moisture barrier

Aftershave protection is necessary to replace the moisture barrier.

Using an aftershave lotion or balm nourishes the skin and helps it heal in the event of nicks or cuts. Look for soothing ingredients like aloe and calendula.

Avoid aftershave astringents that can be irritating and drying.

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