Are Safety Razors Better for the Environment? (Versus Disposables)

If you are passionate about doing what you can to protect our environment, then you may be wondering how much impact all the disposable razors you use are having on the planet. You may also be wondering if safety razors could be an eco-friendlier solution to shaving.

Safety razors are better for the environment compared to disposable razors. Disposable razors are usually made from unrecyclable mixed materials and are meant to be used and thrown away regularly, creating waste. Safety razor handles are reusable for as long as they are cared for properly and the razor blades are often made of recyclable metals.

Keep reading for more information about the environmental impact of razors, and three recommendations for the most environmentally friendly safety razors available.

Are safety razors more environmentally friendly?

Safety razors are amazing not only because they are more environmentally friendly, but in general they are a more practical razor to use. Safety razor blades will only run you around 20 cents per blade, whereas disposable razors will cost far more for the same number of shaves.

Safety razors are more environmentally friendly than other razor styles as the blades tend to last longer and are recyclable, and the safety razor handle does not have to be thrown away after each use.

Each time you are finished with your disposable razor you must throw it out and get a new one. Over a long period of time doing this, it starts to create a ton of waste just from one person.

Plastic in general is bad for the environment and causes harm to all life through toxic pollutants. Pretty much all disposable razors are made from plastic, so they are contributing to the damage being caused to our environment. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 2 billion razors and refill blades are tossed out just in the U.S. each year.

This issue is where the trusty safety razor comes in. Safety razors are the best option for a zero-waste shaving routine. The reason they are the best option is that they are typically made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or brass and only require you to change the blades. Safety razor blades can be recycled and reused instead of being thrown away and contributing to toxic pollutants.

If you are passionate about reducing waste and creating a positive impact on the environment, consider switching over to a safety razor.

Are razors bad for the environment?

You may be wondering what razors are bad for the environment or if the razor you are currently using is creating more waste than you know.

Unrecyclable plastic razors made from mixed materials are the most harmful to the environment. This includes plastic disposable razors that are made from unsustainable materials. Their sharp nature is also hazardous, so they clog up landfill sites.

So, now you know that not all razors are bad for the environment, and you can still feel good about your shave after using your razor if you are using the right eco-friendly one. In general, safety razors are the best option for a zero-waste shaving routine.

Are Gillette razors environmentally friendly?

Gillette is a big brand that is commonly seen at your local stores, and they also tend to heavily market their products. Are their razors really environmentally friendly, or are they just another large corporation contributing to pollution?

Gillette has a wide variety of razors ranging from electric to safety razors, so there is no one answer to whether their razors are environmentally friendly or not. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s a disposable cartridge razor, then it is not eco-friendly, and if it’s a safety razor or electric razor, then it is eco-friendly.

That being said, Gillette has come out with a new line of razors called Planet KIND which seeks to create a more eco-friendly solution to disposable cartridge razors.

This razor is 100% recyclable. Most of their products are still plastic razors and disposable cartridge razor refills, so it is safe to say that they are not 100% focused on being environmentally friendly, but they do provide some alternative options.

What is the most sustainable way to shave?

You may be wondering what the best way is to make your shaving routine as zero-waste and eco-friendly as possible. When it comes to having an eco-friendly shaving routine, the most important thing to do is reduce waste as much as possible.

The most sustainable way to shave is to use traditional methods of shaving which include using a safety razor or straight razor to reduce waste as much as possible and recycle any other waste that is made from your shaving routine.

The two types of razors that produce the least amount of waste are safety razors and straight razors. The only thing that produces waste for safety razors is the blades which can be recycled. One way to recycle the used blades is to create a DIY razor blade bank. This is something you can make easily, and all you have to do is store a bunch of blades in a tin and then take it to a local recycling project that allows metal recyclables.

Straight razors also produce little to no waste depending on the type of razor you get. Some straight razors have disposable blades which can be wasteful, but a traditional straight razor made of stainless steel is a great zero-waste option. Of course, a razor such as this would require a decent amount of regular maintenance and care.

There may also be a learning curve for those just starting out.

If you’re interested in seeing what using a straight razor on yourself is like, check out this video from the Art of Manliness.

Which razors are best for the environment?

There are a wide variety of razors on the market, but some are made from more sustainable materials than others and are less wasteful overall. The best razors for the environment are going to be standard metal safety razors that last forever and do not contribute to landfills. Some other options may include more modern razors that are made from recycled materials.

Here are three great eco-friendly razor options:

  • Recyclable Safety Razor – Bambaw Black Safety Razor
  • Sustainable and Recyclable Safety Razor – Jungle Culture Metal Safety Razor
  • Compostable Disposable Razor – Kahania Eco-friendly Razor

Bambaw Black Safety Razor

This $24 Bambaw Safety Razor is a great zero-waste option for your shaving routine.

It is very affordable and made from high-quality, durable materials, so it will last you quite a long time. Not only is the whole razor recyclable, but the blades you will use with it are recyclable as well.

This is a great standard razor with a 4-inch textured handle for better control and grip. It also comes in three different colors: black, rose gold, and silver.

This razor will give you a great shave at an affordable price. It is more affordable than other metal safety razors of its kind, although blade replacement could be easier, and it may take a while to shave larger, curvier, and tighter areas.

Jungle Culture Metal Safety Razor

I love this Jungle Culture razor as they are dedicated to helping provide sustainable and eco-friendly options for shaving products.

Not only is it very affordable at only $20, but the safety razor and the package it comes in are all recyclable. It is made from durable metal materials, so it is sure to last you a long time.

This razor has a 4-inch textured handle to help with grip and comes in 3 pastel colors: blue, green, and pink. It also comes with a small travel carrying case to take with you on the go.

The great thing about Jungle Culture is that they pledge 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. This just adds another layer of eco-friendliness!

One thing to keep in mind with this blade is that there are no plain-colored options like the other razors on this list. It also does not come with a stand. The handle for the razor could be more textured and may slip easily out of your hand.

Kahania Eco-friendly Razor

If you are looking for an eco-friendly disposable razor for your shaving routine, then this Kahania Eco-Friendly Razor is a great option.

It is made from compostable materials, is biodegradable, and recyclable. The $17 pack comes with 15 razors that have twin stainless steel blades that are also recyclable, making them just over a dollar each.

Overall, this razor is a great disposable alternative if you are not keen on using a safety razor. You can still produce zero-waste and use a disposable razor!

Some things to keep in mind with this razor is that the blade quality may not be as good as safety razors, and the performance is about equal to a standard, disposable safety razor.

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